Spring is right around the corner – maybe

February 24, 2012

Surprisingly, the long dreary winter month of February is almost over once again. Next Tuesday another February will slip into history.

And, it seemed to go by much faster than usual this year, but I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because we have been blessed with warmer than usual temperatures and lots of sunshine this year, or maybe because I’ve been working on the computer so much I just didn’t notice it slipping away.

Either way I’m always glad to see it gone once again. That means we will have some “good” weather to look forward to, followed by the best months of the whole year!

Anyway, on next Wednesday the mad, muddy, messy, marvelous month of March will begin again. March may last a couple of days longer than February, but it won’t seem like it. There are always lots of things going on in March, both all over the area and around the Maurer household.

For one thing the calendar says the first day of spring will arrive on the 20th. Spring – that’s something to hope for even though it hardly ever actually happens until sometime in April. Still every nice day gives you a case of “spring fever” and seems like a real bonus in March. Even late snowstorms are bearable since you know that snow on the ground can’t last very long this month.

Then, of course we will also be celebrating the Irish Festival right in the middle of March. It will be party time in Clare, so the first two weeks of the month we will be getting ready for it and the second two weeks some of us will be getting over it…

Every once in a while the Saturday of Irish Festival weekend – and the parade – happens on a truly spring-like day with warmer temperatures and sunshine. That doesn’t happen very often although I can remember a couple of years of “sunny and warm” since we moved up here in 1983 when the weather actually cooperated.

I can also remember quite a few Irish Festival Saturdays when I wore my heaviest winter coat and hat with the thickest gloves I could find and I was still frozen when I finished taking pictures for the paper.

Sunshine or snow, everyone will be having a pretty good time anyway. There are always loads of fun things to do on the weekend nearest St. Paddy’s Day in Clare.

We will be busy around home too. In this family March means birthdays – for the Thayer branch anyway. Daughter Lisa will obtain an unmentionable age on the 2nd of the month. And horrors – her oldest will officially become a teenager, turning 13 on the 13th. of the month. Alea informed her mom that this will be her “golden” birthday. I don’t think that is what Lisa will be calling it…

Their youngest and our youngest grandchild, Alison will reach the ripe old age of ten –  also on the 13th  The sisters share a birthday.and a few days later, their dad Terry will celebrate his birthday, another memorable, unmentionable one – on March 17. Terry’s stepdad Doug even gets in on the act. He will celebrate his birthday next month too – on the 14th. Guess they really should plan one huge party for the whole family. In fact I’m perfectly willing to change my day to March 17 instead of gloomy old February so I can celebrate right along with them!

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