Spring’s back again – maybe

April 19, 2019

I keep checking and the calendar still says it’s April. That means warm sunny days and flowers peeking up right?

Not this year. We have had a little of everything, cold nights, warmer days, rain, sleet and a huge snowstorm over the past couple of weeks.

But for a little while, as I wrote in last week’s column, I thought spring had really arrived…

Pat Maurer

Trish Jackson, who worked for me years ago, used to tell me not to write about the weather because if I did, it would be sure to change.

That seemed to prove true, at least sometimes. I’m not sure that’s why we got last Sunday’s 7-10 inch snowfall, but I will take the blame I guess.

It does seem that whenever I talk about spring, Mother Nature sends us another storm…and last Sundays was a “doozie,” as my Mom used to say.
Looking through my old columns, I came across one from April 16th 2000 that was all about “the last storm.” It said, “A Friday April 7th storm dropped approximately seven inches of snow on some areas of Clare County causing numerous accidents and even a few rollovers attributed to the new snow.”

History repeats itself.

That year we had snow pictures on the front page for three weeks in a row. And my column noted a similar snowstorm in 1995, so I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to watch that snow falling all afternoon last Sunday. It seems we often get a storm this time of year.

Hopefully all that is over now – after all May is only 12 more days away!
We have been getting some of those April showers, (they helped wash that nasty white stuff away) although the sun did make a brief appearance today (Wednesday).

My resident weatherman (Jack) tells me we are due for some warmer weather with high 50s and 60s through the next few days…but I’m not swearing to it. I know better than that.

Seems as though nice weather should show up in the next few weeks anyway. Since our snowstorm the grass is really turning a brilliant green and suddenly growing like mad. Still no flowers poking up around here yet though.

Meanwhile I’m still mostly hanging out inside and turning up the fireplace when the cold winds blow outside. When I’m not on the computer, I spend my leisure time in the kid’s playroom/sewing room where I have been working on quilts for most of the winter months. Finished one in March for a grandson’s family and just completed another for our own camper. There’s a sliding glass door in that room, so I can at least enjoy a view of the outdoors, whatever the weather brings.

From the living room, we have an even bigger slider and enjoy watching the antics of the birds at the feeder and a host of wildlife out there that seem to think winter is over again. Usually this time of year we see mallard couples cruising up and down our little bend in the Tobacco, but this year its mergansers entertaining us. There have been several out there paddling and diving for fish every day.

With the arrival of spring comes the human “snowbirds” back to the north country and many familiar faces are back in town for the (hopefully) coming warm weather.

When those sunny days do show up everybody seems to get the urge to clean up the yards for spring despite the cool temperatures. A note of caution. Our fire departments have been called out on quite a few grass fires already this month and when it’s windy and warmer, everything dries up and becomes a real fire hazard. Please watch the weather reports and whether it is safe to burn. Check out the conditions at 9 & 10.com or call the DNR Hotline at 866-922-2876 or go to www.michigan.gov/burnpermit to see if burning is permitted.

The weekend is here again. Today is Good Friday and Easter is Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday.

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