Superintendent’s Corner– Thankful

“Simply blessed.”
― LaNina King

Tis the Season to be “thankful.” I am proud to share that I am a Christian. I have been attending a wonderful Sunday School class at my church for the past several weeks that has focused on the Christmas Story. It has been eye opening, affirming and emotional for me as a Christian, a mother and as a person. When I think about the Ultimate Gift that was given unto us that first Christmas, I am in awe. No gift will ever compare to this. I am thankful, I am humbled, and I am focused on faith.

I would like to take this moment to offer a special thanks and thankfulness to a dedicated and amazing committee that did just that took a leap of faith. The Brookwood 2.0 Committee accomplished something wonderful for kids. As the leader of our district, I am forever thankful.

It was about one year ago that a small group gathered with a dream. That dream was Brookwood 2.0. At the time, it really seemed years and years away or maybe even impossible. It was the dedication of the key committee leaders: John Punches, Scott Moore and Chris Zinser working to make the dream a reality. These guys worked 24/7 talking with anyone and everyone to get support for the project. It was not always easy and many times we wondered if the project would happen. These leaders never gave up on our kids!

Through it all, I asked myself why were we successful? Success happened thanks to Clare! The supportive and giving nature of Clare was the determining factor! We have shared in past posts and articles the names of all of the donors, as well as the names of all the committee members. Now, I will share the listing of everything that was accomplished! It is amazing what the committee and CLARE made happen for our kids!

Brookwood 2.0 Phase 1 Accomplishments:

Drainage for field and Brookwood Complex fixed. The drainage was completely blocked. Thanks to the city’s help the entire drainage for Brookwood was improved.
Turf Field completed
New Visitors Bleachers
New Visitors Bleachers cement pad
New area for shot put, we used the fine rock that was left over from the field to grade the area
New fencing for discus
New long jump pit

The eaves trough for the water that drains from the press box were never finished and just drained onto the bleachers. These were finished and now drain onto the ground under the bleachers.

Gravel was placed along the fence outside the track to make the appearance better, help with weeds and make the ground more level.

Signage for the complex was completed.

New Brookwood sound system.

Security System – cameras and off site recording. Website where you can actually watch the field
New lighting around the complex to help with security and safety.

Lots of little fixes such as paint touch up and other small projects that probably aren’t noticed. A lot of general maintenance that needed to be done and was accomplished this summer.

In addition, we are so blessed to have the full support of our community throughout this entire process. At the Brookwood Clean Up Day, over 40 Pioneers participated to mow and clean the complex. I am thankful that our community is so committed to every aspect of this project.

Wow, so much accomplished. So many people involved to get this work done. Thankful- You bet we are!

Brookwood 2.0 Phase II. The Committee has set the goals as follows: Gravel the parking lot east of the turf field, new scoreboards for ALL fields at Brookwood, new sound system for the high school gym. The committee is looking to fund the above items for Phase II of the project. NOTE: The track resurfacing is funded from last year and will be completed in the summer.

Again, “Tis the Season,” as you celebrate that first Ultimate Gift this year, offer thanks to all that you love and appreciate in your family and our community. We are very lucky here in Clare. Go Pioneers!


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