The Colors of Christmas

December 16, 2011


I just spent another unsuccessful hour out driving around and trying to take a good picture of Christmas lights for the newspaper.

There are some beautifully decorated places all over the area this year. I love looking, but I just don’t seem to have the talent – or the equipment – to do them justice in a picture.

The State, and country may be suffering from a recession but you certainly wouldn’t know it to see all of the Christmas spirit out there. Some of those electric meters really get a workout this time of year!

If you love looking as much as I do, there are some really great places to see this year. Check out Tommy Bauer’s place on Ludington (Bus 10) just east of Farwell. He told me he has once again added a little to the display. You certainly can’t miss it – you can see the lights for a half-mile.

Another beautiful set up is at Jim’s Body Shop on Maple (which runs parallel to US 10 between Clare and Farwell. There’s so many lights there you have to stop for a few minutes just to see it all.

Surrey Road between 10 and Old 27 is pretty nice too. There are some beautiful lights along the road.

Of course there are more to see in both Clare and Farwell. I haven’t been north to look in Harrison yet, but I’m sure they are showing the “spirit” too.

Every time I drive home I enjoy the light displays on Clarabella Road just east out of Clare. There are Christmas lights in and around five homes just in the first one-half mile.

We even have our own outside lights up again, and those blue icicle lights along the roofline look pretty nice, although they don’t compare to some of the set-ups I have seen lately.

Jack and I always try to spend some time driving around just looking for the “Christmas colors” every year. Maybe we will find some more places this weekend, the last before the big day…

I will keep trying and maybe able to catch a good picture while there is still some daylight to help me out. I would love to get a good one for the paper.

There’s not much time left you know. Christmas is now only nine days away.

Last weekend, Saturday, Sunday and even Monday, was a “shopping marathon” for these Maurers. Jack and I went out shopping with our trusty list for four hours Saturday and again for another three and a half on Sunday. Monday, I talked Lisa into going along to help me “finish up.”

Believe it or not, I now have all of my shopping done and almost everything is wrapped and under the tree too. That has to be a first! The only present I have left to do is Jack’s, unless I cave in and buy something else…

One of the reasons I am always so late getting it all done is that little fault I just mentioned. I am always seeing “just one more little thing” I would like to pick up for somebody.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that as much as I would like anymore. Except for the grandkids under 18, we (all the adults in the family) now draw a name and have a limit on what we can spend…

That may be more financially responsible, but it’s not nearly as much fun.

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