The holiday is over, the week is nearly over, summer is over…

September 6, 2012

I picked up one granddaughter (and a friend) this afternoon, the first time I have done that since last May.

I had to keep reminding myself all day long to be at the school by a few minutes after three.

The fall season has begun again.

With Labor Day on Monday, the week has become totally confused for me. Tuesday was my Monday, with my usual first Monday meetings, and today I had to do all of the writing so I lost my usual Tuesday schedule. Luckily it wasn’t an extremely busy week, because I’m still not real sure what day it is…

Sad times – we went north last weekend and closed up the camper for another year. That is a very short sentence for a long day’s work, believe me. We pack everything away (mice just love to move in over the winter) take down the screened room and clean everything up – Jack says that’s silly since we have to do all that cleaning again in the spring.

We used to bring the camper home, but now we leave it there all year round, so it involves a bit more work to “winterize” it.

We were finally done and packed up and headed back home Monday afternoon, arriving at a little over 5 p.m. exhausted and still having to unpack all of that “stuff” we now have to store for another winter.

It is getting harder and harder to find places for the things we bring back. That “stuff” has us bursting at the seams around here.

We have way too much “stuff,” and adding the things from the camper doesn’t help much.

We sure have collected plenty of things over the past 46 years, and I guess it really is time to clear some of it out. Besides the things we have accumulated, we also have “treasures” belonging to both our kids and most of the grandkids.

Needless to say our attic is full of “stuff,” all of the closets are full of “stuff,” the rooms are full of “stuff,” and all of the shelves are – you guessed it – full of “stuff.”

We had planned to have a big garage sale this summer and get rid of some of that “stuff,” but we never got around to it. Every time I try to sort it out, I find myself looking it over and putting it back again like I just can’t bear to part with anything.

I always said I would never keep every little thing like my mother used to do.

Now I find I have become my mother.

Maybe next year…

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