The king has spoken!

July 10, 2014

Ray Augenstein

Ray Augenstein

The king has spoken. He opened his mouth and with a few words declared himself the dictator of America. Who am I talking about? King Obama. He didn’t actually say, “I am the dictator or King”, but by what he did say it was almost the same thing. He declared that if the Congress does not go along with his plans and opinions, that he would use executive privilege to enact the laws he wants in force.

  Sounds to me like a spoiled little brat that wants his own way regardless of what other people want, or what our elected Congress is trying to accomplish for their constituents.  Doesn’t he realize that the Senate and Congress is put in place as a means of checks and balances?  We are a multi-party nation where the people can express their desires through their representatives, and the President is there to insure that the will of the people is accomplished.

Several rulers throughout history had set themselves up as the ultimate authority without regard to what the people wanted, and they ended up dead.   Obama has done what he wanted is several instances. He turned his back on Israel, and wants Israel to roll back the borders of their country and give it to the Arabs.

Maybe he wants to roll back the borders of our country also.  He released 5 Islamic terrorist so they can continue their war on the United States and Israel. He ignores our constitution and declares that if Congress doesn’t go along with what he wants he will make laws himself and by-pass Congress.  He blames it on the Republicans. He blames it on the Russians, He blames it on Israel, and He blames it on everyone but himself.  Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk that said “The buck stops here”.  He accepted responsibility for his decisions.

I guess what he told the Russian ambassador was true, when he stated, to just wait until he was elected the second time and things would change.  He has done exactly that. He views himself as the supreme authority in our country and can do anything he wants to do. Doesn’t he know that our constitution was written to curtail just such a thing?

All despots and dictators bypass their advisors and enforce what they want done, regardless of who it hurts.   I for one, believe that our forefathers in their wisdom wrote a wise and binding Declaration of Independence. I believe that Our Constitution was written with the thought that, we as a people would have a say in how our country was run.  I believe that the people have a say through our duly elected representatives, and I believe that one person should not hold complete power over our nation.

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