The lure of sunshine plus a perfect day

May 25, 2012

This is a wonderful time of year – sunny and warm with multitudes of blooms all around the yard.

Not so great for getting my computer work done though I am finding today. Even though I work at home and it’s a “writing” day (Tuesday), when the weather is like this it is incredibly hard to stay indoors and work on the computer in the office no matter how big the pile of “to-do” stuff in the home office gets.

Jack doesn’t have this problem. He can always find a few chores he “just has to do” outside this time of year. His problem starts when it gets close to the time for him to go to work…

Just to ease my conscience a little, I brought some of my work outside this afternoon and am doing my phone calls and hand writing a rough draft of this week’s column, while soaking up a little sunshine (and probably getting the back of my neck sunburned).

Every half hour or so I dash back inside to check the emails. If only the laptop was a little faster, I guess I would be out here all day long. I can’t seem to talk Jack into moving the big PC out on the deck.

We are true Michiganders, spending as much time as possible outside when the short season of nice weather finally arrives. Making up for all of those cold winter months spent indoors. After all how can anyone stay in when it is like it is today – around 70 degrees with just a faint breeze stirring the leaves and sending the sweet scent of flowers my way?

The weekend was a good one too. Quite a hot one, actually, but that was great for our first family cookout of the season Sunday. It was my first chance to hold brand new beautiful great -granddaughter Cheryl Marie and a nearly perfect day spent with most of the immediate family – and a few friends in attendance.

Temperatures nudging 90 degrees made the river extra inviting especially for four of the five grandchildren and a couple of other visiting youngsters. They played in the water all afternoon, until they were actually turning a bit blue around the edges.

In fact, the two youngest granddaughters, Alison and Alea and little five-year old Landin could barely be coaxed out of the water even to eat. Granddaughter Sammi’s friend Courtney and her two youngsters Landin and baby Emmet were on-hand for our get-together too. We even had a special attendee, grandson Mikke, home on a ten-day leave from the Marine Corps. He sure was a welcome surprise for his littlest cousins.

We topped off a wonderful afternoon with our traditional favorites on the grill, hamburgs, hot dogs and brats complemented by potato salad, fresh fruit salad and a couple of readymade cream pies – all low calorie, of course…

It certainly was a great start for our summer vacation season.

In February it seems like it will never arrive. Now Memorial Weekend is here and it really is summer on the Maurer calendar. From here on out it will be non-stop weekends with open houses and weekend camping trips with family get togethers, maybe some canoeing down the Au Sable, berry picking, and just a few summer projects squeezed in there somewhere too – Jack has a list.

I vote for lots of camping trips!

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