The season begins

June 1, 2012

Our vacation season has officially begun!

It started last Friday with an extended weekend at the camper and we had a pretty good time, although everything didn’t go quite as expected. No cookouts, no visiting, no campfires.

When we arrived Friday afternoon, the unloading and unpacking had to wait, while we cleaned and disinfected the camper.

It seems that while we were absent, another family, small, grey and furry, moved in. And naturally they left us little pellet presents everywhere – at least below counter level.

Luckily we had sealed up extra blankets, dishes, pots and pans, silverware and cooking utensils in plastic bins last fall.

Unluckily we didn’t empty the storage benches, tool and catch-all drawer or the space under the couch.

Anything made of paper was fair game and shredded and those little brown nuggets were absolutely everywhere, even in the sinks and bathtub. We went through a whole container of disinfecting wipes – after we vacuumed, washed and sprayed Lysol on every surface and in every single nook and cranny of course.

Five hours later with a break for dinner out, we were finally able to unpack the car, truck and small trailer we took up there and move in. It was getting dark by then.

Saturday, Jack was too tired to complete the projects he had planned and since on Sunday it rained most of the day, so he never did finish installing a permanent water and electrical connection for both ours and my brother’s campers.

So we will be making another trip up mid-month. By the way, when my brother and his wife opened up for the summer, their camper had nary a rodent track anywhere. Was I jealous…

Saturday, Jack did work on his projects a bit, but we mostly relaxed and did a little shopping .

By the way, those rainstorms I mentioned Sunday were absolutely torrential with winds that threatened to tear off the awning before we managed to reel it in during a brief lull between storms. There were at least three thunder storms that rolled through. It was a great day to read, watch movies – and nap (I took two).

Monday, it was packing up and getting ready for the trip back again. It was sunny and nice, but incredibly hot and humid while we packed up to head back home.

By the way, one of our little furry tenants found the trap Jack had set on Saturday morning. And, Jack found the squatter’s nest on Monday – a clothesbasket sized ball of shredded paper and insulation nestled way inside of the front storage compartment (that he hadn’t checked on Friday) – so before we packed up…we emptied that out and cleaned some more.

I was glad to get back home so I could rest.

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