Time’s flying by again

October 21, 2011

Where is this year going?

Just had a call from grandson Jayson wanting to know what the family plans are for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

I haven’t even thought about the holidays yet…

Wasn’t it just June?

I don’t know where the time goes, but it sure goes!  October will be over in a week and I guess Thanksgiving isn’t very far away after all, just a month from Monday. You know what that means – the Christmas Season is almost upon us again.

Sometimes I can’t remember what year it is, let alone the month.

Not only am I still operating on “summer” time, I am truly dreading the arrival of that nasty white stuff, sure to be here right after the next holiday at least. You know that’s true, look at the way the weather has changed just in the past week.

If you really want time to slow back down, you just have to wait until the holidays are over. Then it will seem like a year before spring is here again.

All that beautiful weather we had for the first half of October lulled us – or me at least – into thinking it might stay that way a little longer. I keep forgetting we live in Michigan…

Suddenly the color is almost gone and lots of trees are completely bare again. Jack spent a couple of hours today cleaning leaves out of the gutters. He says we are going to get more wind and rain in the next couple of days. He may be right but he didn’t need to say it out loud.

Meanwhile I have been so busy with interviews and pictures, I haven’t had time to think of much else. Besides the regular stuff, I’ve been working on “Profiles,” our annual section on area businesses. All of those are still waiting for my attention and I only have a week left to get them all done…and Mike, bless his heart, keeps emailing me every day with a few more to do!

Forget semi-retirement this week. I will be burning the midnight oil just like I used to.

Thank goodness for computers. I would hate to be doing this the old way – with a typewriter, and lots of “white-out.”

Computers are pretty neat actually – when they work the way they should.

Of course I can’t hold a candle to the kids and grandkids when it comes to knowing what I am doing with them. I can write and save my articles and I know how to download my pictures and send everything to the office with the email.

That is about the total of my expertise.

Unfortunately if something doesn’t work right, I can’t even begin to figure out why. I just call Jack, one of the kids – or a grandchild to come and fix it for me.

Everything is computerized nowadays. You have to learn how to use your phone (I’m still working on that one), those days of picking up the receiver and dialing are long gone. Everything in the cars is computerized. You need a degree just to set the clock.

Then there are I-pads and touch screens and Facebook and U-tube and a million other ways now to “reach out and touch someone.” Remember that saying?

I think Al may have the right idea. He doesn’t own one. In fact he’s not even sure how to turn a computer on…

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