February 3, 2012

I’m living every reporter’s nightmare.

Can’t talk – at least until this paper is published.

No answering the phone, or chatting on the phone, no interviews. I can’t even call the dogs when they go outside.

Doctor’s orders.

It all started with a little sore spot on the side of my tongue that showed up before Christmas and didn’t seem to want to go away. During my regular cleaning a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Fred spotted it and said, “You really need to have that looked at.”

Fine. Good idea, so he referred me and Tuesday I went to see the oral surgeon.

After I filled out a half a bushel of paperwork, he took a look and said, “It’s probably nothing serious to worry about … but we should do a biopsy – just in case.”

I must have looked pretty funny when he said “We’ll do it right now.”

Panic! I admit it. I am a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist, getting shots, stitches, any of that stuff. Naturally this involved a shot, a little cutting and a needle and “thread,” which all looked pretty scary to me, and my blood pressure, which they were monitoring, immediately jumped up about 20 points.

I wasn’t expecting that, or how involved that simple little “procedure” would be, but am actually glad now that I didn’t have time to “stress” over it. Before I knew it, my tongue was numb and I was losing a little piece of it. That meant a stitch and then the bad news…at least for me. Jack insists it’s not all really bad news – for him.

No solid foods, or talking for three days.

I’m not sure which is worse. I never realized how much I use my voice, or how much I truly love “crunchy” food.

I can still communicate – via email, or with a pencil or pen, but it’s hard not to talk. I guess Mom was right when she used to tell me I talk too much. Take it away and I can think of loads of things I’d really like to say. When I do try, it hurts and I sound pretty weird.

Jack is having a ball with it, telling everybody he can say anything to me and now I can’t talk back…

Then there’s the problem of what to eat. Luckily I like mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, fruit smoothies, ice cream, pudding and applesauce – just not such a steady diet of it. Guess I should have gone shopping for some “baby” food.

Today (Wednesday) I tried soft scrambled eggs for lunch. Tasted great but the doctor’s rule was right – it really hurts to chew even soft eggs…

I sure hope they are right and I can eat “regular” stuff again on Friday.  At this point, being able to talk again sounds pretty good too.

It sure being “vocal” again will be a nice way to start February this year.

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