Two generals, two women bring embarrassment to U.S.


No wonder we can’t win the war in Afghanistan. The last two generals charged with taking care of our sons and daughters over there, seemed to have been more concerned with pouncing on a 30-something socialite seductress from Tampa.

Generals Patraeus and Allen have been linked to Tampa Bay’s Jill Kelley. She admittedly went to the FBI, and blew up the Paula Broadwell/Gen. Patraeus affair when she got a threatening email from Broadwell that basically said, “leave my man alone.”

Patraeus resigned as head of the CIA last week, because of his affair with Broadwell and possible classified information she might have was revealed. Allen’s confirmation hearings to be head of NATO have been postponed after it was revealed he had sent and received over two thousand emails from Kelley, many of them considered sexually suggestive and inappropriate.

This has the makings of the biggest sex scandal involving top U.S. officials, since the Kennedy boys were having their way with Marilyn Monroe. It’s probably going to be bigger. And in the center of it all is Jill Kelley, by no means a Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly, but certainly a seductress that caught the eye of our top generals.

Kelley is the wife of a well-known surgeon. They live in a two-story mansion on Tampa Bay, very close to McDill Air Force Base. Kelley has been coined the unofficial ambassador to top-level McDill officials because she and her husband threw lavish, no-expense spared parties on a regular basis for those officials. Patraeus and Allen were regular party attendees where they became great friends with the Kelleys, particularly Jill.

It’s amazing to me how a 37-year-old housewife with three kids from Tampa could bring down two of the highest ranking generals in our military. AND it’s further amazing that both of these generals, who must be quite the partiers, were honored for doing so well in Afghanistan. Patraeus, in fact was elevated to one of the highest positions in America, director of the CIA.

I have to question our leaders on this point. I now wonder how we could possibly win the war against The Taliban, or even bow out gracefully, if our commanders are spending more time emailing women in the United States, than they are strategizing how to win a war.

These commanders are charged with keeping our young soldiers safe and out of harm’s way. They are suppose to teach our young men and women from Clare County, Michigan and the United States the intricacies of battle, morality and dignity. Apparently more important things were on their mind than your sons and daughters.

All the more reason we must get out of Afghanistan and reassess our ability to compete in modern day warfare. Our commander in chief, who was just re-elected, partially because this scandal was kept out of the news until after the election, needs to shake-up our military from top to bottom. Patraeus and Allen need to be demoted, not promoted, and criminal charges need to be initiated against Broadwell and Kelley.

America continues to suffer security embarrassment after security embarrassment. Hell, we haven’t even waded through Benghazi mess, and now we have this. When is it going to stop?