Vacation’s over, now I can get some rest

August 3, 2012

We just got back from a week-long vacation at the camper.

I use the term “vacation” loosely because Jack had so many projects planned it was mostly work for both of us.

He wanted to put underground electric service and water in for both our camper and brother Jim’s. He planned to put up a screened room under our camper awning and build a new top for Jim and Ginger’s deck.

Well the screened room is up, but not quite finished and the electric and water are hooked up but not yet underground. We did finish the deck. The projected two-hour project to put up the screened room only took a day and a half. The wiring project (only a few hours he insisted) took another day, and the deck filled up a whole day too.

I told him I wanted to get home so I could rest…

Then mid-week we made a trip back to attend the Isabella County Fair where granddaughters Alea and Alison were showing their lambs. It was hot and a long, long day but fun to watch all of the antics when those lambs escaped their “handlers.”

We did manage to fit in a few fun things while we were away. Some of brother Jim’s family were also up and we went out for dinner and had a cookout with as many of the family as could come.

His son Brian coaches Little League and their team was in the State Finals in West Branch last weekend so we had ten-year olds everywhere when they weren’t playing. I haven’t heard how they made out yet.

We went out for ice cream and visited a craft show and went shopping in between chores.

Saturday night we went to see the beginning of the Au Sable Canoe Marathon. That was a blast! Sister-in-law Marlene’s family owns a home on the Main Stream just downstream from the start of the race.

For 20 exciting minutes we watched about sixty canoes race by – and they really race, believe me. We cheered everybody on including the oldest contestant “Al” who is 87 and competes every year. He wasn’t first, but he wasn’t last either.

When we arrived home Sunday evening we had a pleasant surprise. Grandson Jayson and Ada and baby Ayssa were “housesitting” while we were gone. The house got cleaned top to bottom, the yard was all mowed, and our little woods all cleaned up with my walking paths all mowed again. What a treat that was!

Well the fun is over for another year. I am back at the computer, finishing up election articles and putting together another column again.

Maybe I can squeeze out a little time for fun at the Clare County Fair!

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