Welcome Spring! Or not?

April 19, 2019

We Michiganders always strip down to our shorts and t-shirts the first 50+ degree day we have, me included. Then we get a snow storm and drift back into the deep depression of winter for a few days. Hang in there, I have inside information that warmer weather is coming.

John Wilson

During the first 3 months of 2019 there have been 8,713 incidents in Clare County. The Clare County Sheriff’s Office has handled 5,080 of those incidents. There have been 20 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering investigations since the beginning of the year. 5 in Garfield, 4 in Surrey, 2 each in Freeman, Hayes, Hamilton, and the City of Clare, and 1 each in Redding, Sheridan, and Grant. The first part of April we apprehended 4 juveniles believed to be involved in at least 2 Home Invasions in Redding Township. We are also working with other police agencies where we believe that some of our Home Invasions are tied in with theirs. We currently have 148 inmates in the jail which consist of 75 locals, 45 Federal, 13 Renters, 10 Diverted Felons, and 5 MDOC.

I would like to congratulate Deputy Brad Feger on completing a 3 week training on drug recognition. Deputy Feger is now one of 160 drug recognition experts in the State of Michigan. Normal sobriety test used to determine alcohol are not always accurate in determining the use of drugs. With the legalization of marijuana in this state, the Clare County Sheriff Office now has a tool to help combat “High Driving”. Deputy Feger can be called to a traffic stop where he can assist in evaluating a driver for indications they may have some sort of drug in their system. With alcohol, police carry a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) to show the level of alcohol in their system. There is no PBT to show marijuana or other drugs that may be in someone’s body, only a blood test can.

Our Central Dispatch now has the ability to receive “911 Text” messages. If a person finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to communicate verbally for whatever reason, you may get 911 help by texting 911. Please, if at all possible, use your 911 voice call if reporting an emergency. An example of when to use a 911 Text would be if talking would give your position away to a perpetrator, or if you have injuries not allowing you to verbally communicate. Watch for full details on this in a press release in the near future.

I want to thank the Clare County Prosecutor’s Office for their diligent work in helping to put our repeat drug offenders in prison. They work hand in hand with our Deputies to make sure these are solid cases to stand trial. Over the last 6 months several have been sent to prison for drug related charges, murder charges, and property crimes.

That’s all for this time
Like Always, GOD Bless
Sheriff John S Wilson

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