Why aren’t you shopping locally?

November 15, 2018

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

I don’t care what they might trumpet in Washington D.C. or California, our economy here hasn’t gotten much better in the last few years. Here we work hard in and every day just to keep food on the table.

It isn’t very much different if you own your own business. As a newspaper we call on the majority

Mike Wilcox Editor/Publisher

Mike Wilcox

of businesses in the area to sell them advertising so that their goods and services get notice from the people that read the newspaper. Frankly, it’s been tough sledding lately because a lot of people in this area have cut back on what they spend.

I’m here to encourage you to keep what little money you have here in our local area. I’m here to implore you to spend your money with local merchants that live here and support the area. These are the people in the long term, that are going to improve the economy and make life better for you and your family.

It aggravates me to no end to hear people talking about spending their money out-of-the-area or even online. They think they can get merchandise cheaper, but they don’t realize the difficulty in getting that merchandise serviced. AND they certainly don’t take in to account the quality compared to what they can buy locally.

I was recently browsing my timeline on Facebook when I noticed a local school was asking for t-shirt, sweatshirt and hat orders from an out-of-state company. It angered me because a public school should know better. The great majority of their funding comes from taxpayers within their district, including an embroidery company that would dearly love to bid on school business.

But so often, and I hate to pick on public schools, but I’ve seen it time and again, that they take their business out of the area, and not to businesses that are actually supporting them. When I had a print shop, many years ago, I attempted on several occasions simple to be able to bid on the local school’s printing. You think they would give me the time of day? Heck no.

A friend of mine is an Amazon junkie. He buys anything and everything from Jeff Bezos, who is now the second richest man in the world. Recently I started comparing the pricing for several items on Amazon with the pricing at local businesses. My friend was amazed to learn that many of the Amazon items were actually priced higher than those at local stores.

But I digress. Many of us are like the public schools, choosing to buy from big box stores or online, who are succeeding at the expense of our local businesses- you know, the wife or husband who have dumped their life savings into the little downtown shop, and has a difficult time competing with the out-of-town big guys that are fueled by venture capitalists and buy merchandise in bulk.
I strongly urge you spend your hard-earned dollars with your friends and neighbors. They are the people that will be there when the going gets tough. They are the merchants that will sacrifice everything to see that your needs are serviced.

If you need help deciding who some of these merchants might be, refer to this newspaper. A good number of them advertise with us. Please take a second look before you decide to drive out of the area or jump online to purchase from Amazon. There are so many great choices in this area.

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