Wild babies in the yard!

May 23, 2014

PatWell I just wrote a column about wild babies  in the woods and guess what? This week we enjoyed watching one right in the middle of the yard for most of a morning.

A newborn fawn was “hiding” in our fire pit Monday morning. Poor thing was just soaked because it was raining, and that fire pit is full of charred wood, ashes and refuse, but evidently the fawn’s Mama thought that was a good place to hide her baby.

And I have to admit, when the fawn was lying down you couldn’t see it well at all. Trouble was it was such an uncomfortable bed, it kept getting up and moving around. I suppose the pit had water in it as well. Anyway it looked pretty miserable out there. Lisa stopped over that afternoon and when I told her about our “visitor,” she said, “Bet you wanted to go out there and pet it…”

Fact is I did, but like I said last week, “Look but don’t go to near and don’t touch!”

By around 11 a.m., the doe showed up and collected the youngster and we haven’t seen either of them since, but I’ll bet they are still around the yard somewhere. I just hope the newest “safe spot” is a little more comfortable…5-23-14 Fawn in firepit

Guess the morels are done around here too. We did get enough for a meal, but only a couple since then. Son Don made up for it though, called tonight to say grandson Jesse found a big bunch in their yard while mowing and wanted to know whether to dry or refrigerate them. I always soak mine in heavy warm salt water and let them dry, but since Jesse plans to cook them tomorrow, I told Don I’m sure the refrigerator would be just fine.

I also mentioned that if he had any leftover that he wanted to get rid of, we would be glad to take them off his hands…

We are still procrastinating on the yard work, although Jack did spend most of a day last weekend cleaning up so he could mow. He filled our trailer with sticks. We couldn’t mow much of the west side of our drive anyway though. It has rained so much that the ground there is absolutely saturated. By the time if finally dries out, we may be putting up hay.

The magnolia tree has blossomed again. At least part of it has. We have what looks like a mostly dead tree/bush with about two dozen pink flowers on it – pathetic. Guess the overnight frost we had a few days back got it.

The lilacs will be making up for it this year though. When I checked today between articles, I found loads of buds on every lilac bush in the yard. No blooms on the flowering crab trees yet though, but I finally do have a few flowers popping up in the yard again. Even the peonies are looking pretty good and the ants are ecstatic and clamoring all over them.

I love peonies, but never could get them to grow. Old friend Sarah showed up one day with the goodies and planted them for me and about four years later they started blooming every spring. She said the trick is to barely cover the roots you plant with soil. Put them too deep and they won’t bloom.

They sure are beautiful if rain doesn’t drive those heavy blooms down on the ground while they are flowering.

I sure do love spring – everything is growing, green and brand new again. I only wish May could last at least a couple of months. Look at your calendar, it’s almost over already…

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