You can sure tell it is October

October is definitely here again.

I am not talking about the weather, although it is completely “fall” out there with peak colors reported all over the center of northern and mid-Michigan.

Even our notoriously “dull” yard has some yellow and one little, very bright, red tree in the front yard. The view across the river however is pretty spectacular, especially when the sun shines. Those colors seem to glow!

I know it is October because of the television. I am talking about television commercials. The first Tuesday in November – Election Day – is now only a month away and every other ad aired is political – which irritates me no end as I am trying to work out here, just 50 feet away, in the office while the set is blasting away in the living room.

Funny how many habits you can acquire over the years. Some weeks I don’t turn the set on for two or three days while Jack is at work. I can tell you I am not missing much TV information now though, especially those commercials.

It seems every single candidate is trying to convince us that he/she is the perfect one for the job and the “other guy” would cause complete disaster for the federal budget, the economy, social programs and even the environment. The “mudslinging” is phenomenal and particularly “dirty” this election year.

I wonder why each candidate doesn’t just stick to touting their own qualifications and to what he/she would do if elected. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change? And, it would be nice if someone would explain all those proposals fairly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am totally confused.  

So the noise level around the house is a bit higher than usual lately. Normally, the “boob tube” would be off this time of day, but with Jack home recuperating from hip replacement surgery, there isn’t much else to occupy his time – although I am considering buying him a new book or two…

What I can’t figure out is how he can have the TV going full blast and be sound asleep at the same time.

This has been a whole new chapter in our nearly 46 years of married life. My big strong, “take charge,” – “I’ll do it myself!” guy is now tied to a reclining chair, unless he is using that walker to head down the hall to the bathroom, or doing his exercises. He even has to sleep in that recliner, since lying flat in bed just isn’t an option yet. This forced idleness is driving him crazy already (and me a bit too) and (horrors) it is only in the beginning stages, since he has six whole weeks to make it through before he can get out and drive himself to the coffee shop to “kibitz” with the guys…

He may not be able to do much, but I am discovering he is a great “armchair” coach and willingly broadcasts “how to” instructions and chore reminders any time I need them (and even occasionally when I don’t). He just reminded me (and I had forgotten this time) that I need to empty all the wastebaskets and take out the trash because the garbage pickup truck comes early tomorrow morning again. So…while I was doing it, I picked up the mail and brought that in for him to go through. There are a few things he can still do…in fact later on I just may have him peel a few potatoes…

He doesn’t think so, but he is actually doing pretty well after having the first major operation of his life. Great, in fact the nurses and therapist tell us, although it has only been a little over a week since the surgery and he has been home only a few days. Already his traveling speed with that walker has just about tripled, and strength seems to be (slowly) returning. He is certainly anxious to get better.

I know he will be very happy when he can return to that macho, Mr. Fixit, I can do anything attitude again.