Alligator in Shamrock Lake?

Four officers were out searching Shamrock Lake and the shorelines Wednesday after Clare City Police received a report of an alligator in the water.

Clare Police Chief Dwayne Miedzianowski said they received a call around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon that two girls had seen an alligator while out in a paddle boat.

He said they reported seeing the creature on the north side of the lake near a point.

One of the youngsters, an eight-year old said she only saw the head of the animal, but was sure it was an alligator, telling the officers she had “seen one before.”

She also told officers she had seen the alligator “three or four times since the Fourth of July.”

Chief Miedzianowski said he notified the Department of Natural Resources who sent a boat and Conservation Officer Jason McCullough to investigate. He was joined by Detective/Sergeant Mike Coon of the Clare County Sheriff’s Department and City officers Sgt. Dave Saad and Reserve Officer Jeremy Pepin.

The four officers searched in two boats, but were unable to find anything, Miedzianowski said. “At this time we have been unable to verify the sighting.” He said the Shamrock Lake Association residents had been notified.