Big crowd’s expected for Marion’s Snowfest

February 8, 2013

By: Sydnee Stratton


Marion’s most anticipated festival is coming soon and will bring plenty of fun and smiles to those who attend.

February sixteenth and seventeenth will host two fun-filled days of Snowfest. Many look forward to this snowy, action-packed celebration all year long.

This is the fifth year Snowfest has been celebrated. Admission is only five dollars, which is a cheap and fun activity for families to come out and enjoy winter.

The sixteenth is scheduled to have snowmobile races of all different classes and an antique snowmobile show. The exciting twenty-mile vintage trail ride will be held the seventeenth.

A swap meet will also be going on during the festivities. Anyone can bring things to sell, but the items must be snowmobile related.

To extinguish any thirst or hunger, concessions will be found on the fair grounds. The cook shack was built just last year and was a huge hit. Silky hot chocolate will warm those with chilly bodies and delicious food will fill hungry bellies.

The cost to race a sled is twenty dollars. Registration is from eight to ten a.m. Saturday morning. Children will race first around ten a.m. and adults will quickly follow at noon.

The racetrack is a half-mile oval and doesn’t necessarily need snow for racing.

Rules about racing the vintage snowmobiles and vital information will be found at

There are fifteen different classes of snowmobiles in this race. Kiddy Cats are first and start off the race with 120 stock, 120 improved stock, HR kids single stock, and HR single stock.

Adults (sixteen years of age or older) follow the Kiddy Cats with 1974 HR single stock, 1974 340 twin stock, 1974 440 twin stock, 1971 HR single improved, 1974 HD single improved, 1974 340 twin improved, and 1974 440 twin improved.

1975 and older vintage pro is next and promptly followed by 1980 and older 340 trail stock and 440 trail stock.

With all the action and excitement, a bit of comedy will be mixed into the intermission.

Snowmobiles from 1969 and older will have a two-man race. For the first round, one man will drive the machine while the other sits backwards and munches on a hot dog.

The second round of intermission will involve a switch of the two men’s positions and the one sitting backwards will hold a cup full of water. The team with the most water left in the cup after racing around the half-mile oval will be congratulated as the winners.

The antique snowmobile show registration is at eight a.m. A walk through snowmobiling history is interesting and informative. Extensive technological advancements have been made since the first snowmobile was invented.

The vintage trail ride begins at ten a.m. from the fairgrounds Sunday morning. The vintage snowmobiles are unique and bring back special memories for some.

There are a generous amount of sponsors for this event, but the club can always use more.

Contact Todd at 231-846-1928 or Kelly at 231-825-0166 for any additional information or to become a sponsor.

Snowmobile racers, families, friends, couples, and any individual looking for a good time would have a wonderful experience at Snowfest. This popular annual tradition has brought smiles to many and will continue to do so for years to come.

Winter isn’t always the favorite season, but many enjoy the activities that accompany

Snowfest. The festival brings the community together and creates fun, lasting memories.

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