Bowling results

April 5, 2013

Week One

Adult Teen 9 Pin Doubles held on March 23 – First place, pictured back left: Katie Warner with her mom, Gina;  Second place pictured front right::JJ Gross with grandpa, Jack Gross.  Tied for third place:  Back row right Kevin Van Melis, with “grandpa” Ben Sariano and front left: Kyle Duffet with his mom, Vicki.

Adult Youth 9 Pin Winners: First Place, Dakota with his mom, Jesse Wardle; Second Place, Conner Yule with his dad, Mike.

Week Two

Teen Master Champs, O’Day Enterprises, Desiree Sayles & Skye Wood, (not pictured, Taylor Wade)

Saturday Gopher Champs,   O’Day Enterprises, Conner Yule & Lucas Forbes

Tuesday Prep Champs:  Peyton Properties, Joseph Dietsch, Kyle Duffett, Jacob Eigner

Tuesday Gopher Champs:  J&J Construction, Bryan Pritichard & Carter Jones, (not pictured, Ryan Marhofer)

Wednesday Gopher Champs:   Audio Solutions, Alliyah Berthiaume & Trent Cook

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