George Gallo appointed to Harrison BOE

By Cathy Taylor

Review Correspondent

2-22-13 George Gallow Appointed trustee BOEIn a special meeting called by the Harrison Board of Education last Thursday, George Gallo was appointed as the new Board Trustee.  Gallo will be filling the vacancy created by the death of Board member Floyd Dennis several weeks ago.

Formerly from the Waterford area, Gallo and his family moved to Harrison thirteen years ago.  He works in the construction business and has three children that attend the Harrison Public School system.

Gallo stated, “In the school system I grew up in downstate, the schools were terrible.  When we came to Harrison, we found out the schools were great.  I want to be an active part of the school system here with my kids to keep it that way.”

Selecting Gallo for the position was no easy task for the Board.  Two equally qualified candidates were vying for the position.  Gallo and his competitor, Harrison resident Doug Danberry, both interviewed very well and presented the Board with impressive qualifications.

After two rounds of voting ended in deadlock between the two candidates, it was decided to interview both men once again, this time with a fresh round of questions and from slightly different perspectives.  Gallo’s answers persuaded two of the Board members to change their votes, ending in a 4-5 vote in his favor.

Gallo feels that hiring and keeping good teachers in the Harrison School System should be a top priority in the coming years.  He is adamant about looking out for the interests of the kids and is ready to tackle the challenges in finding ways to provide funding for the success of the school’s programs.”