Harrison BOE honors Roe, JV football team

By Cathy Taylor

It was standing room only at the first meeting of the Harrison Board of Education for 2013. Many community memberswere in attendance for the presentation of various awards to Harrison Hig

h School students.

As the first order of business for the Organizational Committee meeting, elections for the various Board seatswere held. All four positions remained filled by the respective incumbents by unanimous votes. They are President Marie Roth, Vice President Connie Cauchi, Secretary Therese Haley and Treasurer Floyd Dennis. All ran unopposed.

New Board members Roger Peterson and Angie Cullen officially assumed their seats as Trustees. They are replacing outgoing Trustees Doug Cobb and Dan Pechacek.

One of the highlights of the evening concerned the announcement of Harrison High School student Sonja Roe as the DAR Good Citizen recipient. Each year the school staff nominates an outstanding student to receive the award.

According to Harrison High School Principal Jeremy Thomas, “Sonja is an outstanding young lady. She is the president of her National Honor Society and stays very active with many High School activities. Sonja will be presented with a certificate at Honors Night.”

Also in line for recognition was the Harrison High School Junior Varsity football team. The team completed their 2012 football season undefeated with an 8-0 record with one tied game. The young men were commended by the Board as well as their coaches for all of their hard work during the season. Their athletic success makes them positive representatives of the school and the community.

School Superintendent Thomas House presented each member of the Board of Education with Certificates of Appreciation on behalf of the administration, staff and faculty of the Harrison School system. The awards were in recognition of everything they do for Harrison schools. Often board members find themselves victims of harsh criticism for the things they can’t control and invariably receive little recognition for all of the positive results they achieve.

House commented, “If you’ve followed the news in the last decade, you know it is no picnic to be on any kind of local board – school, county, local, whatever. All organizational bodies have faced declining revenues and increasing costs. People who serve on these boards receive very little compensation for what they do. In the case of our board, they give the compensation back to the students in the form of a scholarship.”

Veteran’s Freedom Park representative Renee Haley was present to update the Board on the upcoming unveiling ceremony for the final design of the Veteran’s Memorial tobe built in Harrison. Haley commented that the memorial is on such a scale that no one in Michigan has ever seen and will definitely put Harrison on the map.

At the close of the evening Julie Rosekrans, Principal of Larson Elementary in Harrison, accepted an award on behalf of her school for being chosen a High Progress School in the state of Michigan. Larson Elementary was recognized as a school that is successfully closing the gap between its lowest and highest student academic performances.