Judge Roy Mienk announces he is running for a second term as Circuit Judg

June 8, 2012

Judge Roy Mienk announces he is running for a second term as Circuit Judge for Clare and Gladwin counties. He was first elected in 2006. Judge Mienk has made a positive impact on the court since taking the bench.

Mienk’s contributions to the court include a successful collections program which recovers unpaid restitution for victims. It also recovers unpaid fines and court costs. The County Clerk’s participation is a key to the program’s success. There was no formal collection process for defendants who failed to pay prior to Judge Mienk taking the bench. This program has already collected over $400,000.00.

Judge Mienk is participating in the new Recovery Court being led by Judge Joshua Farrell. The recovery court focuses on rehabilitation for defendants with substance abuse issues. There is an extremely high correlation between substance abuse and criminal activity, Judge Mienk believes the best way to stop repeat criminal activity by these offenders is to provide the services to reform their behavior through a recovery court. Recovery courts across Michigan report high success rates. An additional benefit of the program will be cost savings to the county.

Roy Mienk has been an attorney for nineteen years, the last five years as Judge.

He was in private practice handling all types of civil and criminal cases prior to taking the bench. While in private practice, he provided free legal representation every year to those in need.

Continuing education is important and Judge Mienk continues to attend legal seminars and conferences each year. He has completed over fifty seminars since becoming an attorney. He is a member of the State Bar Representative Assembly and the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Committee.

Judge Mienk has been involved in the community with Kiwanis, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Gladwin Business and Professional Association, Chamber of Commerce, Loyal Order of Moose, Little League, Gladwin Community Schools, Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited. He is also and annual supporter of 4-H.

Roy has been married for 31 years to his wife, Brenda. They have two adult sons: Phillip, a senior software development engineer in Redmond, Washington; and Marty, an attorney in Birmingham, Michigan.

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One Response to Judge Roy Mienk announces he is running for a second term as Circuit Judg

  1. drsuess

    June 11, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Why, in the name of all that is logical, can’t there be a disclaimer somewhere in these articles that states that the candidate wrote this contrived b.s.? It’s bad enough that good ole Dicky Allen used his spot for nothing more than an endorsement of Rick Miller. Why won’t the paper tell the readers that these “articles” are purely for campaign purposes. Also, Mike, are you charging the candidates for their crap to be published? I know you make businesses buy advertising in your rag before you will do a story. Is the same true of the candidates? Lastly, sure, let’s vote for a judge that handles as much of his docket in chambers as possible, so that he and Michelle can make their comments that they would never want to be placed in the public record. Atta boy Mike. Another fine example of your mediocre (at best) publishing.