Lincoln Township Board, Residents and Sheriff Wilson Receive Recognition for Clare County Neighborhood Watch Program

December 23, 2011

At the Lincoln Township regular meeting held on the 12th of December, the Lincoln Township Board was presented a plaque for outstanding support and achievement towards their township Neighborhood Watch Program.

Sheriff John S. Wilson and Clare County Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Undersheriff Rick Miller presented the board with a plaque commending the Board for outstanding cooperation and support towards the Neighborhood Watch Program and the citizens of their Township by continuing to allow the use of their Township hall and also financial support.

Lincoln Township residents have a very active Watch Program with many people participating.  Sitting on the Township Board are Supervisor- Dennis Zimmerman, Clerk- Carol Majewski, Treasurer- Maggie Carey, and board members Michael Tobin and Stella Hardin.

Each Township has a few residents that make that extra effort to guarantee that the program in their area remains active.  These people are the key to the success or failure of the program.  In Lincoln Township there are so many people that do an excellent job, it was hard to pick out one person that has demonstrated the time and energy to make Lincoln the best it can be.  Her name is Jan Penton from Lake George.  She is the group leader and spends time each day communicating with police and her fellow neighbors.

Jan Penton was also responsible for obtaining $1,500.00 from Trans Canada as a donation to help out the organization.

It was without hesitation that Sheriff Wilson and Undersheriff Miller presented Jan Penton with an award for her outstanding work and achievement in the Lincoln Township Neighborhood Watch Program.

Sheriff John S. Wilson was also surprised to be honored for his outstanding achievement in the Clare County Watch Program.  In less than three years, Sheriff Wilson and his Department have made Clare County one of the most productive Neighborhood Watch Programs in the State.  He has received notice from the National Neighborhood Watch Institute for how rapidly Clare County has grown in this program.

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