Michael Coon Announces Candidacy for Grant Township Supervisor

July 14, 2012

Michael Coon would like to announce his candidacy for the position of Grant Township Supervisor. Coon  has been a lifelong resident of Clare County and a resident of Grant Township for over the past 21 years.

Coon  believes that any role in local government is an important job and will take the Supervisor’s roll very seriously if elected.  Michael has been surrounded and involved in local government his entire life.  His Great-Grandmother served as a Township Clerk for over 6 years, Grandfather served as a Township Trustee for 8 years, Grandmother served as Township Trustee for 2 years, an Aunt who served as a Township Trustee for 12 years.  He also had an Aunt who served on the Board of Review for over 12 years.

Coon’s uncle is currently a Township Supervisor, who has served for 28 years, his Mother is currently a Township Supervisor of 28 years.  His Father is currently a Township Chief of Police of 42 years.  He has a cousin who is a County Commissioner of 12 years and a cousin who is a Township Treasurer.

Coon  is currently employed at the Clare County Sheriff Department where he has been serving the citizens of Clare County for the past 21 years. He currently holds the position of Detective Sergeant, and is the County Fire Investigator, an Evidence Technician, a Crime Scene Investigator, a member of the Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team, a Meth Lab responder and helps coordinate the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Michael is married to Kelly (Schlack) Coon who is employed at a dentist office in the City of Clare and has 5 children.

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