New Farmer’s Market to start in Farwell

May 11, 2012

Beginning in June Farwell will have a weekly Farmer’s Market each Saturday.

At Monday’s regular meeting, the Farwell Village Council discussed possible appointments to the new Farmer’s Market Committee, which is working on developing the weekly Farwell Farm, Arts and Craft Market to be held in the pole building on the former Lumberyard property at the corner of Illinois and Hall Streets.

Additional appointments to the new committee were tabled until after the next market meeting, which was scheduled for Thursday.

The first market is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 2 and plans are for a market to be held each Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon there.

Committee members so far include Vicky Gunden and Tracy Lee as Market Masters; Art Church as a representative for crafters; Gloria Paholak as a representative for farmers; Rex Raymond for entertainment; Tracy Lee as secretary and Gina Hamilton, Jerry Schmiedicke and Barb Roe as committee members. A treasurer has not been named yet.

The Village Council also honored former DPW Superintendent Aaron Moline for his 30 years of service at the Farwell Village Council meeting Monday evening.

The resolution adopted unanimously by the Council said Moline “contributed unselfishly to the residents of the Village of Farwell and to the residents of the surrounding communities,” and wished him “Good Luck.”

Moline retired March 29. He has been replaced by Interim Superintendent and former Department of Public Works employee John Koch, who is a former member of the Clare City Commission.

As part of their consent agenda, the Council designated Koch as Interim Superintendent for a probationary period of 90 days beginning March 29.

During his DPW report Interim Superintendent Koch outlined four resolutions that needed to be approved to implement an employee funded retirement program that allows Village employees to supplement their regular retirement funds. The Council approved all four resolutions in one motion.

Other consent agenda items approved the meeting included:

*a $10 increase from $50 to $60 for the recycle monitor wage each week;

*a motion to establish the Farmer’s Market Committee and Parks and Recreation Committee;

*adopting a Solid Waste Policy, Solid Waste Service Form and Yard and Brush Policy;

*approval of the purchase of a Stenner pump and two year supply of replacement tubes from Elhorn Engineering for $542.95;

*approval to use sidewalk funds to purchase ten yards of cement for the pavilion sidewalk, cement bases and a water deflector at 294 Ohio Street;

*approval of a motion to change the Committee of the Whole meetings to the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.; and

*approval of bills totaling $13,699.58.

Other business at the meeting included reports by Zoning Officer Rod Williams and County Commissioner Lynn Grim and a presentation by Mark McClellan, a candidate for Clare County Sheriff.

Village President Steve Grim also told the Council about correspondence from Farwell Schools asking that their charges for the water meters in their buildings be reduced. They have four inch meters and want to be billed for two inch meters since they don’t use that much. “We need to look at this before approving it,” Grim said.

Grim also said the Project Involvement Compensation Policy needs to be reviewed by the Village attorney.


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