Primary Election results

August 10, 2012

McClellan will face Wilson in November

Of 23,426 registered voters in Clare County, 4,812 or 20.54 percent turned out Tuesday to vote in the Primary election. On the Republican side of the ballot, Mark McClellan was the voter’s choice Tuesday to face Democratic Incumbent John Wilson in his November bid for another four year term as Clare County Sheriff.

McClellan collected 58.89 percent of the votes against former Undersheriff Rick Miller in a Primary bid for the Republican slot in the November general election with a vote of 1,487 to 1,032.

McClellan retired From the Clare County Sheriff’s Department in 2010 as a detective and was a Command Officer from 1983 to 2009. He claims the most experience and training for the job with 36 years of experience in law enforcement and more than 30 in Clare County. He said he is a “straight shooter,”…and is “committed to returning more professionalism to law enforcement in Clare County.”

Wilson said the department has “come a long way” under his leadership. “I feel we have made a big impact in the County…in solving crime and getting the community more involved with the department.” He listed accomplishments including 12 hour shifts, developing a purchase policy, paperless booking, creating a mounted division, reducing incoming jail contraband and finding grants for equipment.

In the Democratic Primary, Incumbent Drain Commissioner Carl J. Parks narrowly beat Challenger Phillip R. Duggan by a 639 to 626 vote. Parks will not be opposed on the ballot in his bid for a second term in the November election.

Republican Voters also selected Clark Durant to face Democratic Incumbent Debbie Stabenow for the United States Senate in November. Durant, with 1,159 votes was chosen from three others seeking the Republican slot: Pete Hoekstra with 1,135 votes; Randy Hekman with 189; and Gary Glenn with 173 votes.

Without any opposition in the Primary, U.S. State and several county candidates will face challengers in the November General Election.

In the race for U.S. Representative in the 4th District, Incumbent Republican Dave Camp will face Democrat Debra Freidell Wirth.

In the State House, 97th District, Incumbent Joel Johnson faces Democrat Chris Breznau.

Incumbent Republican Michelle J. Ambrozaitis will face Democratic challenger Jon H. Ringelberg in her bid for another term as Clare County Prosecutor.

Incumbent Clare County Clerk/Register of Deeds Pamela G. Mayfield (D) will be facing Republican Kimberly G. Davis on the November ballot.

Incumbent Democrat Mike Duggan is facing a challenge in November for re-election to a seat on the Clare County Road Commission from Republican Don Kolander.

All of the seats on the Clare County Commission are up for re-election in November, but only three will face serious competition in the November election. The terms, two years for each commissioner run concurrent with the terms of State Representatives.

Incumbent Republican District 1 Commissioner Jerry Berger will face a challenge from Democrat Dale Majewski on the November ballot.

District 5 Commissioner and Chair Donald David (R), will face challenger and former Clare Magistrate Rick R. LaBoda in November.

Finally, in District 6, Incumbent Democrat Karen E. Lipovsky will be up against Republican Jim Keysor for the seat.

District 2 Democrat Lynn Laverty Grim, District 3 Republican Leonard Ray Strouse, District 4 Republican Jack Kleinhardt and District 7 Democrat Jim Gelios are all unopposed on the November ballot.




In township races, Grant’s board will remain the same. Supervisor Dan Dysinger, Jr. and Trustees Margery Bell and Richard Zinser all faced a challenge in Republican Primary, while Clerk Sue Wentworth and Treasurer Tammy Shea were unopposed.

Dysinger, on the board since 2004, collected 223 votes to challenger Michael Coon’s tally of 124. Bell, with 30 years on the board, earned the highest number of votes – 262 for a return to her trustee position, followed by eight-year board member Zinser’s total of 256. Challenger Tom Kunse collected 167 votes while Keith Yats had 135 votes.

With no opposition on the November ballot, the Grant Township board is set for another four-year term.

In the Franklin Township Primary, Republican Edward T. Erskine will be the Supervisor, collecting 83 votes, while Alfred W. Townsend  had 32 in his Republican bid for the position.

Republicans Sandy Scherrer (Incumbent) and former trustee Kris L. McLavy faced off for the Treasurer’s position with Scherrer collecting 78 votes to McLavy’s 40.

Clerk Diane Blackburn (R) will fill another term as she was unopposed for the Primary and General Election.

Republican Jacqueline M. Ecklin and Democrat Yvonne Dalton will fill the two trustee positions on the Franklin Township Board. They are both unopposed in November.

Freeman Township had the most file for positions on the board.

In the Democratic Primary, Supervisor Mark Lightfoot lost his bid for another term on the board to John M. Blain, 112 to 76 votes. Blain will not face opposition in November.

In the Democratic race for Township Clerk, Pat Humphrey will fill her seat for another four years, besting challenger Carol Barnett 153-30.

Five were seeking the Treasurer’s position; three Republicans and two Democrats. Sheyla Young claimed the Republican slot with 68 votes, beating out present Deputy Clerk Georgina Johnson with 27 and Tracey Sprague Rayburn with 13. Young will face Democrat Janet Lackie in November, who bested Incumbent Rosemary Lightfoot’s total 99 to 81.

Three Democrats and three Republicans were seeking two trustee seats on the Freeman board. Democrats Sandra Sable and Incumbent Richard Wells collected the most votes to put their names on the ballot in November with 104 votes each while Incumbent Helen Bardallis was eliminated with 63 votes.

On the Republican side, Cheryl Meyers, with 68 votes and Leo Stevens with 60 will be on the ballot in November while Sally Meitz lost the slot with 50 votes.

In the Garfield Township Republican Primary, David Lee Byl will fill former Supervisor Bill Scott’s position. He collected 71 votes to Gary Hendershot’s 65 and Steven Conroy’s 46. Byl will be unopposed in November.

Republicans Mark Irwin and Incumbent Lisa Roland will fill the two trustee positions. With 96 votes each they beat Gregg Kolodica, who had 61 votes.

Democratic Clerk Martha Rottiers and Republican Treasurer Robin Yarhouse, both incumbents, are unopposed in either Primary or General Election.

In Greenwood Township, Democratic Supervisor Lester Vida, Republican Treasurer David Lawrence, and Democratic Clerk Linda Bailow are all unopposed in either the Primary or General Elections.

Unopposed in either Primary, Republican Incumbent James Korman and Democrats Barbara Ferrett and Michael Howard will all be on the November ballot.

In Arthur Township, Republican Julie Walker claimed the township clerk position by a narrow margin, 56-53 against Teresa Coats. Walker will not be opposed in November.

Supervisor Lee Schunk (D), Treasurer David Leggett (D) and Democratic Trustees Lamar Gunden and Erma Kleinhardt were unopposed in either election.

The only question in Lincoln Township’s Primary was which two Democrats would be on the November ballot for a trustee’s position on the board. Mike Tobin and Jerry Bridges with 64 and 44 votes respectively, claimed that spot against Werner Mantei, who narrowly missed with 43 votes.

They will face Republican Janice Chapman in November for one of the two trustee seats.

Republican Supervisor Dennis Zimmerman, Democratic Clerk Carol Majewski, and Democratic Treasurer Maggie Carey were unopposed in the Primary and in the General Election.

In Sheridan Township, the action was all on the Republican side of the Primary ballot. With 86 votes Treasurer Jennifer Magnus will keep her seat, besting Jessica Bates’ total of 48 votes.

Trustee incumbent James Warner won the first of two trustee positions with 70 votes, while Brian Tomaski and James Eberhart tied with 68 votes each for the second slot. A decision on which candidate will be on the ballot will be determined after the Board of Canvassers verifies the election results, according to the Clare County Clerk’s office.

In Summerfield Township two independent candidates will be on the November ballot for Treasurer; Incumbent Sherry Cox and challenger Steven Budd.

Summerfield Supervisor Brice H. Bond (R) will face Penny J. McGlaughlin (D) in November. The rest of the board: Republican Clerk Aloma Joslin and Republican Trustees David Tuttle and Robert Warner are unopposed in both Primary and General Elections.

The slate of candidates for Hayes Township in the Primary Election will be the same in November.

Republican Virginia Collins will face Democrat Raymond Augenstein for Supervisor, Clerk Kevin Breese and Treasurer Maye Tessner-Rood, both Democrats, are unopposed in both Primary and General Elections, and three are seeking the two trustee positions on the board: Incumbent Republican Lee Dancer, Incumbent Democrat Robert Hale and Republican John H. Scherer.

There are no challenges coming up in Hamilton Township. Supervisor David Cooper (R), Clerk Finette LaBoda (D), Treasurer Mickie Duby (D) and Republican Trustees Mike Iutzi and David B. Wright will all keep their seats for another term.

Redding Township Board members are assured on another term on that board since there are no challengers in November. Unopposed are Supervisor Thomas L. Krchmar (R), Clerk Janelle Staley (D), Treasurer Marianne Borgula (D) and Democratic Trustees Ginger Ashbaugh and Sandra Mann.

Surrey Township will also keep their board intact this year. Supervisor Russ Hamilton (D), Clerk Glenna Bradbury (D), Treasurer Esther Pitchford (R), Trustee Joe Maxey II (R) and Trustee Carol A. Dixon (D) are all unopposed this year.

The Hatton Township Board members will all keep their seats for another term. They are Republican Supervisor William L. Hileman, Republican Clerk Marcy M. Malson, Republican Treasurer Patricia A. Shull, Republican Trustee David Lee Farrell and Democratic Trustee William Frederick Guiette.

Without any opposition, Winterfield Township Supervisor Mark Hammar (D), Clerk Kathryn Decker (D), Treasurer Linda Peterson (R) and Republican Trustees Shelly R. Laughlin and Harry Martin will fill that board for another term.

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