Spring, time to spruce up

April 13, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Spring seems to be officially here now and it is time to think about all those chores you save up for nice weather.

Time to fi x up, paint,landscape and plant again, and mid-Michigan has all the help you might need to “get-er done,” as one comedian has been known to say.

If you discover problems that need fi xing, there are a lot of contractors and

businesses right here in the local area to help make it a perfect spring. Kathy Jankowski of Shoreline Construction says her phone has been ringing. “We are getting a lot of calls for seawalls and winter roof leaks in summer cottages are being discovered. Now is the time to spruce thing up.”

“It looks like it’s going to be a good spring,” she added. “We have lots of work lined up already.” Shoreline specializes in seawalls, roofi ng, siding, decks, remodeling and new construction.

It’s time to get your air conditioning ready to go too.

Dave Martin of Martin Heating and Cooling said, “A lot of people wait until it get hot outside to turn on the air. If there’s a problem it could take a long hot time to get it fi xed.”

He said now is the time to turn the air on – even if it is just for a short time “just to make sure it’s working properly.”

Their spring maintenance check includes checking refrigerant levels, making sure the unit is clean and checking fi lters. “Most units use the furnace blower to circulate cooler air, so that needs to be checked as well,” he added.

Martin’s handles fireplaces, furnaces, air conditioning, geo-thermal and heat pumps, both installation and repair. If your yard, flower beds and garden are looking rough and you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do, you might want to give Sod Busters a call. They specialize in making your outside areas look great and they have been around for 15 years doing just that.

Owner Dan Aldrich said they are getting ready for a busy season. “We are just waiting on the weather,” he said. Their spring projects include mowing, new landscaping and touch ups.

They can install a new lawn or recede the one you have and they plant just about everything you need for a picture-perfect home.

“Right now it is time for weed control, grub control, and fertilizing,” Dan said. “Beat the weeds before they get here.” He said the next three months will be their busiest time of year.

If you are tired of dealing with maintenance and repairs on your old home, this spring might be a good time to consider a new, maintenance free home.

You can save big on a new affordable manufactured home and C & M Homes of Sanford may just have the perfect one for you.

The savings for buyers come from economies of scale, not scrimping on quality, says Bruce Savage, vice president of Manufactured Housing Institute, a nonprofi t trade association. “The standards that are in place today are equal in most ways to any site-built home — the same installation, the same structure,” he says.

Larry Walters, Salesperson at C&M Homes Inc. said  “There are so many misconceptions about modular homes. People call us a ‘street dealer’, but actually we are a retail outlet for Redman Homes, a division of Champion Homes and we sell stateapproved modular housing that is built in the factory.”

“We meet the code for stick-built housing in the State of Michigan,” he added. “Our only difference is that our homes are built in the factory, not on site

“The recent economic slowdown and repossession of stick built homes hasn’t hurt us. Last year we were the number one dealer for Redman Homes in Michigan,” he said.

They are dealers for two types of homes. C & M also offers H.U.D. (Housing and Urban Development) homes, which are built under a federal code. They include double-wide and singlewide mobile homes all built in accordance with H.U.D. federal standards.

All manufactured homes must comply with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, building code, unlike their site-built counterparts, which are subject to local codes.

C & M Homes, located in Sanford, is owned by Marilyn DeFrees of Harrison. We are a full-service company and have financing available, Larry said.

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