Surrey approves $1,500 for ball teams

February 22, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

At a very brief Surrey Township meeting Tuesday, the board approved funds for Little League and to help purchase carpeting for the Farwell Senior Community Center.

John Pakledinaz, Treasurer of Little League, asked the board to consider budgeting $1,500 to help pay the Little League Charter fee as they have in the past. He said the organization serves 300 youngsters ages 5 through 14 in the area. The Charter fee is $2,900 and traditionally the Village of Farwell has also paid a portion of those costs, although they have not approved it as yet.

The board voted unanimously to approve the payment.

Answering a written request for help in recarpeting the Senior Community Center, the board voted to add $500 to that budget line item and provide help for the upgrade. The new carpet will cost approximately $4,800.00 Clerk Glenna Bradbury said. “I would like to support them as they provide many services to the community,” she said.

Other business at the meeting included brief reports from Fire Chief Dave Williams and Zoning Administrator Rod Williams and the appointment of Kevin Berk as an alternate to the Board of Review.

The board approved monthly expenses totaling $62,780.80.


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