Wixson named MMI’s Employee of the Month

February 8, 2013


John Wixson Jr. has been the Sales Coordinator for MMI since July 2009. John came to MMI at a very difficult time. With the collapse of the automobile industry in 2008, MMI saw its manufacturing revenues plummet by over 50% in one year. John has worked diligently over the past three plus years to increase manufacturing sales and diversify the types of work available. During this time, John has not only displayed good salesmanship skills, but has also brought a lot of manufacturing expertise, as well as, a high mechanical aptitude to the position. This can be seen in many of the jobs that are in production on a regular basis in the MMI Manufacturing shops. Over the years, John has been instrumental in closing the sale on several other contracts that have provided additional work for persons served.

Most recently John was responsible for securing a new type of contract. This contract is MMI’s first attempt to sell a finished product to a manufacturing company on a large scale basis. In order to do this, John worked with the accounting office to purchase supplies, develop an inventory control system, and also worked with the production team to develop pricing for over 24 separate jobs.

Due to a recent staffing change, John has also been very helpful in getting the new Mt. Pleasant Operations Supervisor up to speed with his duties. He is committed to bringing in as much contract work as he can so that the people served by MMI can learn new skills, and earn a paycheck. John always maintains a positive attitude and has a smile on his face. Even throughout his own serious health situation, John continued to persevere, and has done an excellent job, exceeding MMI’s manufacturing budget last year by 2%.

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