Debt, disrespectful behavior is America’s darkest chapter and drive on smooth roads again

May 25, 2017

Dan Dysinger, Grant Twp Supervisor

Dan Dysinger, Grant Twp Supervisor

I must share with everyone that the courage of America’s Legislative and Executive leadership has succumbed to the ever inviting swill of the public debt trough.
Our nation stands very near acceptance of a $20 trillion public debt. Congress and the New President Trump all agreed to kick the can to September by raising the debt ceiling. Spending continues unabated, social and business welfare continues like a sweet candy bar luring in everyone. It leads to decay, we should avoid it. It will cost our future generations dearly and may ruin our nation. Getting a $1 candy bar today and deferring payment until it costs a $50 dollar bill to pay for it; I believe the term is “fiat currency”.

In the new year at the State level the Legislature has embarked on a list of creative ways to swindle local taxpayers. As everyone knows I have been very critical of our Legislative and Executive branches of State Government, even labeling them criminals for the masterful art of usurping the Michigan Constitution.

If we don’t like what they do then it is our obligation to choose someone else at the next election. I wonder how some got elected? Their logic defies common sense.

Many times Republicans are worse than Democrats, and this year is no exception. Both political parties however, try to outdo each other at tax pick pocketing, a true skill.

Enough of my criticism of Government. Let’s look at the behavior of our citizens. Almost daily the news carries a story showing a large crowd showing disrespect toward a Government Official. Graduation ceremonies, public information gatherings, it all abounds with disregard for respect.

Progressives demonstrate because they may not get the free candy bar and Conservatives demonstrate because they may have to pay for everyone’s free candy bar.

Until President Trump was elected I never contemplated the term “fake news”, but knew how to spot slanted news reports a mile away. I have resorted to watching, reading or listening to a number of sources to learn about topics. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get all the facts so you can understand everything, sometimes that doesn’t work.

Moving on to other issues for Grant residents; our list of road improvements for the summer construction season is complete. Two miles of gravel projects should be completed before mid-summer, Bass Lake Avenue from Elm Road to Rock Road is looking good. Rock Road from Bass Lake Avenue to Harrison Avenue is also looking good. Both roads required extensive build up and leveling, when finish gravel is complete it will benefit those residents who live there. These roads have not been improved since the mid part of the Twentieth Century, nearly 70 years ago.

Winter is very hard on Michigan roadways, this past winter was no exception, and it seemed like a 4 month transition weather season.

Pebble Creek Drive at Five Lakes was heavily damaged by the frost heaves. We have shifted projects and changed some things to accommodate a solution to the condition of Pebble Creek Drive.

As a result of a bridge replacement slated for Eberhart Avenue between Washington Road and County Line we switch to a bar seal and chip seal for this stretch, we anticipated an overlay choosing instead to chip and seal for now, delaying the overlay until the bridge work is complete. Eberhart from Washington Road to Colonville Road will also be chip and sealed.

One mile of Surrey Road east of Old 27 will have an overlay. The much deteriorated Colonville Road stretch from Old 27 to Grant Road will have an overlay. Washington Road that parallels the Airport will have a new chip and seal application.

Residents on gravel roadways will see two dust control applications this summer, in early June and again in late July. Since 2013 Grant Township has invested over $1.2 million dollars for road improvements, this stuff is not cheap, but everyone agrees the ride is better. If we take into account what the Clare County Road Commission has also contributed we see over $1.6 million dollars invested. For sure there is more to do, let me be clear, the need easily outstrips funding. This year our road funding budget will be near $450,000. Last year we spent just south of $440,000.

My next column will deal with the costs and operation of our Property Tax Assessing Program. This will affect your pocketbook one way or another.

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