Drinking and DUI’s during the holidays … deaths

November 25, 2015

pic of GoldiePercentage of highway deaths related to alcohol:
Thanksgiving holiday – 40%, Christmas holiday – 37%, New Year’s holiday – 58%, Entire holiday season – 40% and the rest of the year is 31%. *Source Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Holiday drinking trends:
96% went to work hungover after a party, or knew someone who did, 60% think alcohol makes a party more fun, 57% have seen people drive under the influence and 40% say they, their friends and their family members use holidays as an excuse to drink. *Source: Harris Interactive Survey for Caron Treatment Centers.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s:
2-3x more people die in alcohol related crashes, 1,200 people will be killed, 25,000 will be injured in traffic accidents caused by alcohol. *Source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction (NIAAA) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

DUI offender drinking violations:
% Jump in Violarions for DUI offenders monitored with Scram Cam, Thanksgiving holiday – 30%, Christmas Eve – 33%, New Year’s Eve – 155%, 33% Holiday season (Blackout Wednesday thru January 2) *Source: Data from 450,000 DUI offenders monitored by SCRAM Systems.

Thanksgiving Eve (Blackout Wednesday) is the start of the holiday drinking period. A bigger drinking day than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day in some places. It is especially prevalent in larger urban areas and among college students. It is one of the top drunk-driving nights of the year in some areas.
90 million Americans take road trips during Christmas and New Year’s. One in eight licensed drivers who consume alcohol say they’ve driven when they thought they were close to or over 0.08 BAC in the past year. Thirty-eight million or more Americans travel by car for Thanksgiving. *Source: AAA

Goldie J. Wood, MSA, CAC, CPC, has been active in the substance abuse field for over thirty years, focusing on adolescent counseling, substance abuse prevention, and coalition building in Bay County and the state of Michigan.
She currently serves as Prevention and Outreach Manager, for 1016 Recovery Network, for all six of their regional counties. Her home office is at their Clare site, where she will be a working Supervisor.Goldie lives in Rhodes, MI with her husband, three dogs, and two cats. She has two wonderful adult children, 12 grandchildren  and four great grandchildren. She enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and reading.

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