Golf Tips – Breakdance

May 31, 2018

Making two or three more putts per round will certainly help your scores.  I would say  misreading putts is as much of if not more than a problem than mishit

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

putts.  Here are a few hints in reading putts.

Uphill – the putts will break more due to the fact the ball will slow down near the hole.

Downhill – these putts break less so play them straighter.

Sidehill – speed of the putt dictates how much it will break.  I recommend playing less break on the short ones and hitting them firmer while allowing for more break on longer putts and dying them at the hole.

Straight – almost all putts break at least a little since course designers create greens that allow for water to run off them.  Look at the overall terrain, locate bodies of water, and keep in mind most greens slope from back to front in deciding small breaks on straight looking putts.

Reading greens is often considered as much art as it is science.   Use the above hints to improve your artistry and dance a jig when you make that breaking birdie putt.

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