Golf Tips – Curving your shots

August 22, 2014

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

The ability to curve your shots both right to left and left to right can be a valuable skill.  This skill can allow you to swing aggressively toward the middle of the green and work the ball toward the flag.  Here is how to do it and characteristics of each shot.

A right to left shot for a right hander is called a draw or hook.  Hit this shot by aiming your body to the right and closing the club face.  The shot should begin where your body is aimed and finish where your club face is aimed.  Right to left shots typically fly on a lower trajectory, roll more, and are more powerful then the left to right shot.

A left to right shot for a right hander is called a fade or slice.  Aim your body left of the target and open the club face for this shot.  Left to right shots typically fly higher, stop quicker, and go a shorter distance then the right to left shot.  Make sure to allow for the shorter distance when playing this shot to the green.

Curving your shots is an advanced skill that can help benefit your game.  Spend some time practicing on the range before using this skill on the course.  You will find curving your shots can make the game more fun, help lower scores, and help you get out of trouble situations.


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