Golf Tips – Million Dollar Attitude

May 22, 2014

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

Thom Slusher, PGA • Clare County’s PGA Pro

There is a new movie out now titled “Million Dollar Arm” .  It is about two young men from India that are chosen to try to learn baseball and make the big leagues.  At one part of the movie it is apparent that they are not having fun and trying too hard.  As golfers we can learn from the situation the players found themselves in.  Golf is meant to be fun.  It is a game and should be treated as such.  Too often I see golfers treating the game as if it were work.  They take it serious.  Serious to the point that they stress over every shot and look like they ran a marathon when the round is over.

 How do you get out of this hazard if you find yourself in it?  It is a matter of changing your perception.  Golf is not serious.  Starvation is serious.  Homelessness is serious.  Golf is a game.  Change your attitude to find enjoyment in the game.  The more fun you have; the better you will play.  The ballplayers from India found success when they stopped trying so hard and I believe this is great lesson for us all to learn.

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