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May 31, 2018

The State Government is making extended efforts to short local taxpayers.

About four weeks ago a panic was raised by the Michigan Townships Association (MTA) and Michigan Assessor Association over proposed major changes in the

Dan Dysinger, Grant Twp Supervisor

Dan Dysinger, Grant Twp Supervisor

Property Tax Assessing world. In fact it has been revealed that State Treasurer Nick Khouri, State Tax Commission, MTA, MML, Assessors Association and others were all talking about this nearly a year ago, under the radar.

Now I won’t go into all the detail, taxes are like aches and pains, so we’ll just cover the top. In summary, Treasurer Khouri, a Governor Snyder appointee, found a couple of “Legislators” to introduce the changes.

I’ll say it a couple times, pay very close attention, more pickpockets are at work here and we elected them.

In the Senate, Republican Jim Stamas from the 36th District and House Republican James Lower from the 70th District introduced SB1025 and HB6049.

Here is what it will do TO you, again pay attention, these guys have another motive, we do know it’s NOT in your best interest. It will change the General Property Tax Act and do the following: Make it more complex, sets the stage to eliminate Townships, loss of local control, will raise fees and taxes to pay for a more centralized Assessing District, transfers burden of Assessing increased costs to Local Taxpayers ignoring the Michigan Constitution, mostly Article 9 provisions.

Finally this is the worst; it broadens the power of the State Tax Commission to expand “promulgated rulemaking” immune from any intervention by the Legislature or Executive Branch. It makes the State Tax Commission autonomous and nearly untouchable. Trust me, these crows have wings and will fleece taxpayers.

Here’s another sweet deal cooked up by a Democrat, no thought, no real understanding, it is termed “feel good legislation”. Representative Donna Lasinski, Democrat, District 52 sponsored a bill (HB5945) to exempt heavy Agricultural Truck Traffic usurping any local traffic control.

This affects Grant Township because we have a Truck Route Ordinance.

Of course the proposed legislation violates the Michigan Constitution, Article 7 section 29, but here is the surprising part; it has 9 Democratic co-sponsors, but 13 Republican co-sponsors! If I read the profiles of many of these Representatives it appears they are well educated. Lacking thought or consideration for local communities always overshadow a good resume.

On this particular piece of Legislation the House Fiscal Agency did an analysis, in its opening statement: “the bill would have no direct fiscal impact on the state or on local units of government”. Where do State Legislators think money comes from to fix local roads? Townships (local taxpayers) pick up most of the local road tab. It sure doesn’t come from MDOT.

This bill deserves the commode flush. Here is a companion statistic for all to consider, according to the MTA, Michigan Townships contributed about $200 million to local and primary roads throughout the State last year. This year in Clare County, Townships will contribute over $1 million, in Grant we will spend over $400,000. So the statement from the House Fiscal Agency is fully misguided and purely without merit or fact.

For some reason Lansing Lawmakers just keep raking over local taxpayers and attacking local governments. They make the same mistakes over and over, just hoping everyone will forget how poorly they treat the very people that elected them. Democrats or Republicans are all the same, they both attend wine and cheese parties then dream of ways to poke local taxpayers. We are entering a dangerous period in Michigan, it is an election year, some State Senators and Representatives are term limited, some will retain their seats, some will be tossed by voters. It’s therefore lame duck season, not a good time for Michigan.

Finally in closing I must make a statement regarding a change we will see in our local Township Board. After 20 years of service to Grant Township, Sue Wentworth (our Clerk) is stepping down.

I have enjoyed serving with her on our Board, she is a good friend. We don’t always agree, but we all have respect for each other and can agree to disagree. We don’t have arguments, or contentious issues dividing us, if we disagree everyone explains their position. After such a long time serving with the same people it has an effect that seems hard to explain.

We are all conservatives and that helps, our goal is to provide the best service to our Township residents at the lowest cost. Sue has served Grant Township in outstanding fashion and treated everyone with respect. Sue has done her job well and we wish her well. Sadly we will all someday hand over the reins, hoping our successors serve at the same level.

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