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June 13, 2019

Thom Slusher

There are two types of bunker shots you will be faced with during the course of the round.  The greenside bunker explosion shot and the fairway bunker shot.  Both are manageable shots when played correctly and can save you strokes.

To understand how the golf ball gets out of the bunker on a explosion shot think of a surfer riding on a wave.  The ball rides out of the bunker on top of the sand just as a surfer rides on a wave.  Set up to a bunker shot with an open stance, grip down on the club, and open the club face.  The open club face is most important as it must be open and use the bounce of the wedge in order to go through the sand correctly.  Imagine a dollar size oval below the ball.  Hit the oval of sand out of the bunker onto the green.  You must take enough of a swing to knock the sand onto the green.  Do not hit the ball as it will be harmful to your score.  Hitting the ball before the sand can hit it several yards past your target.

Fairway bunker shots are played much differently.  Instead of an explosion shot you will make sure to hit the ball before the sand and/or pick the ball out.  Try playing this shot by gripping down on the club and playing it off your left heel.  Limit your leg action to facilitate a solid strike.  Make sure you have enough loft to get the ball up and out.

Try these techniques and put in a little practice time.  The bunker shots you face in the future will not be as scary with the confidence you are going to build.

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