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November 11, 2019

From August 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019 there were 6,112 incidents logged for Clare County. This generated 453 case investigations. There were 27 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering complaints investigated throughout the County. 6 were in Hayes, 3 each in Clare, Surrey, and Lincoln, 2 each in Winterfield and Farwell, and 1 each in Harrison, Sheridan, Hamilton, Redding, Greenwood, Garfield, Grant, and Franklin. We currently have 165 Inmates in the jail which consist of 83 local, 16 Renters, 59 Federal, 2 MDOC, and 5 Diverted Felon.

Its Car vs Deer season in Michigan so be extra alert while driving especially during the dusk and dawn times. Last year alone in Clare County we had 626 car vs deer crashes. Trying to dodge a deer is not a good idea, you may lose control of your vehicle while doing so. I know it is a natural reaction for us to avoid an object while driving. Remember to drive the speed limit and even slow down a little during the peak times. Pretty much anywhere in our county there are deer.

We are continuing to watch the State Budget games in Lansing. One of the items that was vetoed by the Governor is our Secondary Road Patrol fund. This was a fund set up to help counties across the state patrol the secondary roads of their counties. In 2018 this funded 119.1 Deputies statewide including 1 in our county. This position is responsible for patrolling the secondary roads of our county, enforcing traffic laws, investigating accidents, and backing other units up on crimes in progress to name a few. A second item is the diversion of an offender to local jails instead of state prisons, also known as Diverted Felons. We are reimbursed by the Michigan Department of Corrections on these individuals that are diverted by the court. I have received a letter from the Director of MDOC stating that they will not be able to process payments for this program after September 30, 2019. Myself like other Sheriff’s across the state have sent letters to their Circuit Court Judges asking not to sentence anymore offenders as Diverted to local jails.

We have job postings out there at this time. We recently interviewed 4 individuals for law enforcement positions, 2 were selected with one not passing the background and the other turning down the position. As I previously stated, we need to get our pay up to compete with other counties around us and offer an employment package that attracts qualified individuals to come and work in our county. What we have experienced over the years is someone will come to work for our county, get experience, then move to a higher paying, better benefitted law enforcement agency. Most of the time it is another county or police agency that is within 40 miles of us.

Good luck to all of the Firearm Deer Hunters, be safe out there.
GOD Bless
Sheriff John S Wilson

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