MMCC has “Educational Talent Search” available

May 4, 2012

Letter to the Editor:

Do you know a young person who needs a little extra assistance on the path to success?  Can you envision at least one student in grades six through twelve who has great potential but could use help in planning for the future?

As the community’s college, MMCC can assist that deserving student.  We know that at least one year of college education after high school can make a dramatic difference in the earning power and quality of life for that student.  We have a program that can empower, educate, and inspire that young person to pursue higher education at whichever college or university they choose.  The program is called “Educational Talent Search,” and any local 6th – 12th grader can apply.

We continually look for ways to improve access to education.   That’s why we actively pursued the Educational Talent Search (ETS) grant. The ETS grant provides nearly $230,000 annually so we can offer services beyond what our operating budget might otherwise allow.  The grant supports middle and high school students in college decision making, preparation, and entrance.

Best of all, the grant allows MMCC to offer these services free of charge.  Participants visit college campuses across the state to see for themselves which educational setting best suits their needs.  They also go on fun, cultural trips, to gain a better vision of the opportunities that a college education makes possible.


The program also provides very practical services, including tutoring and assistance for students and their parents as they begin the financial aid, college testing, and application processes.  Grant funds also defray actual costs associated with college by paying for participants’ college testing and application fees.  Several colleges and universities offer significant scholarships designated solely for ETS participants, such as the $40,000 scholarships that have already been offered by the University of Michigan to two of our current ETS students.

I get the opportunity to see firsthand how higher education opens doors for students, how it changes their outlook and their lives.  But, I also realize that it can be daunting for students to decide which college to attend and then to navigate the processes of getting enrolled.

For families who take advantage of it, ETS makes this entire process easier.  Better yet, it can also help to make the process fun.

I encourage you to think about the youth in your life and to encourage them to apply for the Educational Talent Search program at Mid Michigan Community College.  If you would like more information or to apply, visit or contact ETS Program Director Brent Mishler at 989.386.6622, extension 529.

There is a deserving young person who will benefit from your call.

Carol Churchill,

MMCC President

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