A landlord’s perspective on Surrey rental inspections

April 20, 2017

Letter to the Editor_Wide

Dear Editor:

We have been Landlords for nearly twenty years and have multiple rental homes, we feel that we are being unfairly targeted by the township by having to have these inspections. When we asked why they feel the need to have these now, we were told that they know we take care of our homes, but they have one, yes, ONE, that they have a problem with, so they felt this was the only way to get him. I find this absolutely absurd!!! Why should all landlords be penalized because they have one that they can’t seem to be able to get to conform!

This particular landlord has been prosecuted and fined many times and always seems to keep going…Why do they think this is the answer…the county and township already have laws and ordinances in effect that should do the trick. I, and many other of the landlords I spoke to all think this is singling us out to make money…The fee schedule is laughable for a community like ours…we have a hard time getting the rent we should now, if we have to pass these fees on to the tenants, it will be impossible to keep going.

The list of things they can violate us for is even more ridiculous… things like having a house number present and readable from the street (4”) minimum—-the post office doesn’t even enforce that—just shows that they are going to find something to violate you for so that can charge the money for the inspection ($84) violation notice ($50) and re-inspection ($50) —which makes sense since they have stated in the ordinance that this program must be self funded, that means they have to charge as much as possible to keep it going. This is a mandatory inspection every three years even if you haven’t had a change in tenants… My tenants have stated they do not want someone coming in their house.

I’m asking why just rentals….there are plenty of owner occupied homes that are not up to their standards and create blight…I was told they need to look out for the people who rent and are being taken advantage of…people are signing leases without seeing the house first and then complaining that the house is not what they were told it was…. So why is that my responsibility? Once again it comes down to people taking responsibility for their own actions! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THAT LEASE REPRESENTS!!! No one is forcing these people to rent these houses or to stay in them if they are unfit, that is the first thing the judge asks us at an eviction, “did you keep the house in safe and fit condition for living” if the answer is no, he won’t make them stay. We won’t even rent a home to anyone that doesn’t look at it first….

I’m asking everyone who thinks this is ridiculous to attend the next Surrey Twp. Meeting on May 9th at 6:30 pm. Please call the twp. To be placed on the agenda if you are willing to speak up. 989-588-9961.

Please help us get this ordinance taken off the books…Ron and Eunice Andreas

Please call Ron if you want to share your opinions with us…Landlords or tenants… 989-429-9788

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