A win for the community — Writer urges a yes vote on Farwell Bond

May 2, 2019

Dear Editor,

As a resident and parent of Farwell Area Schools, I urge others to vote “yes” for the school bond in the May 7th election. It is a win for our community, our students and our school district.

Community members, your “yes” vote matters: In a small community like ours, the school is often the heartbeat of the community. We host sporting events throughout the school year for grades 6-12. These events allow our students to shine and display their talents, provide an opportunity for family, friends and supporters to cheer on the student athletes, and bring economic benefits to our community.  Many who attend buy food and gas at local Farwell businesses.  The bond will improve our deteriorating athletic facilities so we can continue to host these events. Your “yes” vote matters.  

Parents, your “yes” vote matters: The 1949 wing of the elementary school is 70 years old. The students that are taught in this wing deserve better. The teachers that teach in these small, insufficient classrooms deserve better.  Our students need and deserve secure learning environments. Schools are meant to be a safe place for children. Our children spend 180 days in school each year.  Isn’t knowing that our students and teachers will be safe with the passing of this bond, worth your YES vote?  The parking lot at the elementary school is small and unsafe at pick up and drop off times. If this bond passes, parking will be reconfigured with additional spaces and safe walking areas.  Our current traffic plan was designed years ago.  It  does not provide a safe drop-off and pick up arrangement for our students. Your “yes” vote matters!

I know my “yes” vote matters: This bond will update our facilities.  Asbestos will be removed and new secure entries will be added at ALL doors in every school building. The construction of six new classrooms will replace the old wing, which will provide a better learning environment.  Roofs on each of the school buildings would be replaced along with the outdated, inefficient boilers we’re currently spending exhorbitant amount to keep running. 

This bond is not for salaries or perks.  It will be to support and improve the quality of the students’ learning opportunities, their physical environment, and their safety.  In addition to all of the positive impacts of the bond, we have a chance to come together as a community and show our support for the families, teachers, and staff of the Farwell Schools.  The previous bond removed many of these items in support of building the Jaime Performing Arts Center.  While some claim there are other ways to pay for these necessary improvements, other does not mean better.  Our students and teachers have waited long enough.

This is a great opportunity to bring resources back to our community. Please vote “yes” on May 7th to support the Farwell Area Schools bond proposal. Your “YES” vote matters!

Thank you,
Jessica Cobb
Parent and Community Member

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