Advocates term limits for county positions

Dear Editor,

I do believe, there must be term limitation of one, four year term each for whomever is elected. Clare County, Michigan Sheriff and Clare County Michigan Prosecutor.

To prevent the continuation of evil corruption, the citizens of Clare County Michigan, have had to suffer, past and presently. By way of the Sheriff and Prosecutor.

A petition drive to place upon the ballot. For Clare County Residence voters to vote upon, making a wise decision. Voting upon it, implemented into law. Ever reminiscent, of the past year, 2012. The ever self, cursed, damned, evil people. Whom know whom, they are by name. Sanctioning evil corruption, murder, false arrest, vicious punishment, upon innocent people.

That is well documented. By way of, ever fearless honest, trustworthy citizens, of ceaseless integrity. Ever continuing bringing to the light. Their ever forgivable, evil deeds. By way of the Clare County Review newspaper, Amen.

Mr. Richard Bancroft