————Affordable Health Care Act leads to ‘Buyer’s Remorse’————

Dear Editor:

We hear it on the news, and see it in print. The new buzz word “buyer’s remorse” when talking about the Affordable Healthcare Act, or otherwise known as Obama Care.

I guess we should expect such a thing, seems how the democrats who had Obama as president, and held the House and Senate in Congress passed a bill they did not read.

Who remembers Nancy Pelosi of California saying we had to pass it to see what’s inside? The same woman, and once Speaker of the House that told reporters when asked why Obama was not following through on his promises said “We say a lot of things on the campaign trail” while laughing with colleagues. She directly lied to her constituents and laughed about it. And who wants to bet against she gets her position back time and again?

Now that Obama Care has been vetted some, and I say some because there is still so much to comb through as far as what effects it will have, people are starting to second guess it when they used to support it. Well, some were far too happy to jump on board, it was free stuff. As a matter of fact, it seems this party wins elections being Santa Clause these days.

The grand campaign of Barrack Obama was mainly focused on the redistribution of wealth and class warfare. He had some good points though as some conservatives and libertarians pointed out recently such as more transparency, etc.. But just as President Clinton did, he ran a down the middle campaign, and turned the vehicle of policy to the far left when elected.

There was no transparency he promised over and over again during the debate, or lack thereof over the Affordable Healthcare Act. People should stop and think about how big this was. It changes so much, and the price tag was so large, it accounts for a large amount of our GDP.

All at a time when we have no money to spend, and jobs are disappearing under a climate that seems to punish our industry rather than promote it.

The fact is, we as a country can’t afford such a thing. Perhaps instead the democrats can work with republicans for once and come up with a plan to bring true tort reform, allow people to shop across state lines for insurance, and allow companies to once again pool together for a good insurance plan with lower premiums.

When my Grandparents ran the dry cleaners, they pooled with other local businesses and got good insurance rates. We are talking a few employees here, not a corporation. The government stepped in and said no more. End result, no more insurance, and the ball continues to roll with government intrusion into our private lives, and interactions with private companies.

Ask your doctor what hurts them the most. Lawsuits, which made liability insurance astronomical for them, and other industries, mine included. There are a huge number of factors that lead up to high healthcare costs.

And you should ask yourselves, why are they not talking about that with you, the public? They instead tell you the doctors and insurance companies are greedy, and out to get you. Go tell your doctor that.

If they wanted to make healthcare cheaper, would

it not make more sense to pay for more doctors to attend school, work out a deal with the colleges to get a good price on the education, and the doctors would have no school debt, but have to work in clinics that support the poor for a median wage for a given amount of years to repay the debt to the tax payer?

The amount of money spent just on pushing the Affordable Care Act could have built and stocked a good number of hospitals to service the poor. We are talking about trillions of dollars spent here in the long haul, when we could have done it much cheaper.

If we are going to spend tax dollars, we should do so wisely right? If we were to tackle the real problem of high medical care, and then work to pay down our debt in a realistic manner, something like I just mentioned above would be a great common sense solution in most logical people’s minds.

But to just soak the tax payer more for what will equate to a bureaucracy that we all know is as efficient as a butter knife used to eat peas is nonsense, and you all know that.

So why do you sit idle and let them do it? You can’t tax business more, because we already have a corporate tax rate that is the highest in the industrialized world, not even figuring in the number of regulations that are not doing anything good but costing companies money to comply with be it equipment, personnel, and government regulatory fees to just stay in business. Where is this money going to come from?

From you of course, either through taxation or inflation, but both cost you. Get ready, Santa Clause is coming to town!

Eric Isaac