After ten years cancer-free, Timmy’s brain tumor is back

May 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

It’s a “live life” kinda Friday…Timmy’s brain tumor is back…it has been back for a few months now…after being 10 years cancer free, the ugly bastard decided he just couldn’t leave Timmy alone…this is a contest that has been waging for almost all of Timmy’s adult life; he is now in his early 30’s and it is a safe bet that seeing his 40th birthday is not in his future…it is tough enough to watch people we love fight these battles when they come in the proper season…parents who are in their 8th or 9th decade of life encounter these trials – we cry, we help, we accept; after all, it is the natural course of life…when these things occur out of season it just leaves us all feeling helpless…what can we do?…well, to know Timmy is to enjoy Timmy!!…

Timmy’s infectious smile is a centerpiece of the American Legion Post 558…we all want to do what we can to add to5-2-14 Timmys Ride Timmy’s “quality of life” (you know what, I am coming to really dislike that overused phrase – it smells like defeat to me!!)…one day last week Doug Hundey (I am proud to own him as a member of the Sons of the American Legion) decided it was time that Timmy experience the thrill of being part of a “bike run” (excuse me, that would be Harleys not Schwinns!) before it was too late for him to do so…in a day or two Doug had organized 15 bikers to take Timmy on a 40 mile run…they dressed him in the appropriate leathers, put a helmet on his head off they rode…you could hear the roar of the Harleys as they cleared their throat when they sped off from Post 558…you could see the beaming smile on Timmy’s face as he gave all of us the famous “thumbs up” sign…the scene was so moving that many had tears in their eyes…and you know what, Timmy’s mom (that would be Sweet Carolyn) climbed on the back of one of the bikes and off they went…wow!!…that is what the American Legion stands for!…that is what America stands for…what is more American than sharing your cheese with someone who is hungry?…what is more American than reaching a hand to a brother who has fallen in the mud?…what is more American than doing what you can to replace gloom with a smile?…

April 5 will be a day many of us will not soon forget…it was that day, for just an hour or so, that we could forget Timmy’s tumor and just enjoy his happiness…we could, thanks to Doug’s spirit, forget that darkness may be coming and just enjoy the shining sun…will we be able to do this again?  I hope so….but for now we are still exhilarated by the efforts of one man to rally to the cause and remind us all that Timmy’s ride was a ride for all of us…15 belching steeds mounted by riders in black leather overcame a rainy day to cleanse our hearts of sadness…the next time you see a scruffy guy needing a shave, wearing a bandana and dressed in black leathers just think of Timmy and his ride – those are the guys who made it happen!!…the ducks on the pond honor the formation…and Mother Parker allowed that a little “nip of ole Ned” in her brew isn’t always a bad thing!

The Kelster

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