Agrees with editor’s column about bill

September 7, 2017

Letter to the Editor_Banner

Dear Editor,

I could not more agree with your comments about being dunned by the state for such damage. Were it done maliciously that would be another story.

Do they also bill for landscaping? Replacing trees? And, oh my, disturbing a watershed or swamp by teaming up with the EPA? Replacing destroyed concrete or blacktop? Skid marks removal? Road signs and reflector stakes?  I don’t know, maybe they do for i don’t go around inflicting such damage.

Somehow this smacks of some office-level employee/s having too much time on one’s/their hands. With their infinite bureaucratic wisdom they should be able to earmark budgetary funds for “MAINTENANCE”. That includes damaged rails, folks. By the way, $1450 for a hunk of rail compares very favorably to feds budgeting $500 for a hammer.

And as long as I’m at it, why not mow and otherwise maintain the medians and shoulders more than once per year? And please don’t whine about your budget.
Maybe we need to reassign Clare’s grass-police to state highway patrol duty…….

Ken Feneley
Clare, MI

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