Agrees with letters against closing meal site

February 9, 2018

To the editor,

I have to strongly agree with the majority of opinions previously stated in letters to the editor, concerning the closing of the senior meal site, in the Village of Lake.

The derogatory remarks made by the director of Clare County Senior Services are lies out and out. The Board of Commissioners voted to close the meal center based on the information provided by the director. Kind of sounds like the F.I.S.A. court and the information provided by Christopher Steele, opinion not facts!
We pay the elected officials to run the county. If they make bad decisions concerning the residents of the county, they shouldn’t hold the offices that they do.
Did the commissioners reach their decision based on facts presented or just (1) one person’s opinion. Facts are facts. Opinions can be groundless unless they can be backed up by facts.

The director stated that closing the meal site would save the county ($12,000) twelve thousand dollars a year. I want to see how much it will cost the county to bus the seniors to a different location, 5 days a week, fifty two weeks a year. Facts not opinions.

Apparently the director of senior services is more concerned about a few dollars than she is about senior citizens. Perhaps she could donate part of her salary to keep senior services going.

Remember commissioners you were elected to serve the people who voted for you. If the board made a poor decision based on faulty information I.E. lies. The source of the faulty information needs to be removed.

That’s a fact! In November, I will be voting, that’s a fact! 2019 might even find you commissioners looking for employment unless you get to the bottom of this issue and correct it to the satisfaction of your bosses. The voters of Clare County and that’s a fact!

Thomas A. Koch

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