All people have a right to health care

September 6, 2018

Letter to the Editor_Wide

To the Editor:

The Vol.71, #13, 3 Aug 2018 edition of the Clare County Review had two articles that caught my attention and got me thinking.

On the front page was “Fetzer’s hog raisers $11,500 for Harley.”  The second was on page 4A and titled “Movie night to benefit backpack program.” Both dealt with fundraisers for laudable purposes.

Mia Fetzer chose to donate the proceeds from the auction of her prize hog to help her friend Harley Crawford who is fighting a rare form of lymphoma.  Although not stated in the article I presume it would be safe to say that this was done because Harley Crawford has no health insurance to cover her treatment and hospital expenses.  My concern is the kind of society we live in that makes it necessary for a young woman having to donate her prize money, that could have gone to her college fund, to pay for her friend’s treatment.  I find it tragic that in the wealthiest country in the world too many sick and injured people must depend upon fund raising efforts to help provide the cost of their treatment. Seldom does such fund raising cover all the costs.  Also, how many more sick people, I would say the greater number, have no one having fund raisers for them to help cover their costs.  If it were common you wouldn’t be seeing it headlined in the local press. Many of these people are remortgaging homes and even going bankrupt because they cannot afford to pay for their treatments and hospitalizations.

This is why the people of this country must raise up and demand their elected legislators to pass Medicare for All persons so people like Mia Fetzer don’t have to donate their hard earned and won funds to cover their friend’s treatment costs.  All people in this country have a right to health care. We must take the greedy profit hungry insurance companies out of the health treatment equation.

I point to the second article I cite above about the Movie fund raiser for a similar reason which was about a group of volunteers having to have to raise donated money; to pack nutritious food into backpacks so that children at risk, meaning poor and indigent, have food over a weekend.  I have to wonder how many weekends will these backpacks last and doubt if there will be enough backpacks to give to ALL the children at risk.  Such a fundraiser is necessary only because the current Republican controlled government of the U.S. is slashing nutritious food programs, such as food stamps and school lunch programs, causing children of poor families to go hungry.

Let all Americans demand of their legislators to stop taking food out of the mouths of children so they can give tax breaks to the wealthy, which is what the Trump/Republican tax breaks did.

Robert L. Barker

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