America has a bright future

Dear Mike:
It’s a “2nd grade” kinda Friday…it’s scary to realize that I can remember 55 years ago — back to when I was in the 2nd grade…my teacher was the quintessential grandmotherly type complete with glasses, gray hair and an old school approach to making sure we all learned what we would need later on in life (she even had a gold tooth)…I recall that my mother went to a few parent-teacher conferences in which Mrs. Gregorson would give her the run down on my abilities and failings…my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cross was much prettier (ok, I had a crush on her) but Mrs. Gregorson had the most impact on me…2nd grade is so important!…for the most part I have high respect for those who take my grand-kids and transform them…a lot of that transformation takes place in the 2nd grade…a fortnight ago Miss Amber, who passed the 2nd grade a couple years ago, began reading to me out of an adult book…all of a sudden it hit me — when did this happen? how did this happen?…somewhere in that process was a teacher or two who was enough like Mrs. Gregorson to make sure that girl got what she would need to succeed!!…

At times I am critical of the public schools — aren’t we all?…my criticism is aimed more at the administration, school boards, legislature and many of their dumb ass policies than it is with the front line teachers…earlier in the year my unnamed spouse and I had the opportunity to make a small donation to the St. Louis Public Schools so they could buy the technology that was needed for these kids…the school district couldn’t afford it; their money was being spent on redundant administration…anyway, I had forgotten about it until we received a thank you from the 2nd grade class…pretty cool!…not only did the kids get an iPad (essential in today’s world) but someone cared enough to teach them to say “thank you”…take a look at the attached thank you letter…look at those faces…look at those signatures…that is our future and I am bullish on the future generations of this country…they will do a better job than we have — I just believe it!!…

6-14-13 Mrs Gregorson ClassroomAnd part of the reason I believe it is because of teachers like Mrs. Jenkins…she is my favorite elementary school teacher…not only is she prettier than Mrs. Cross, I know her heart is set on the responsibility she has!!…don’t you love the enthusiasm with which Danielle signed her name…and I love the name Izzy and how neatly it is printed– wonder what her future holds?…look at the taller boy in the back row with the unruly hair — maybe we are looking at a Senator…if so, someday he will find a way to thank Mrs. Jenkins for the help she gave as he moved from a know-nothing to a know-something…thank you Mrs. Jenkins for the thank you — it gave me a big smile in the midst of a pretty crappy week…I am confident in Mrs. Jenkins…I am confident in this group of kids who have the whole world in front of them…

I am eager for us old farts to turn some things over to these bright youngsters…you’ve heard my spiel before; I’ve met the younger generation that is involved in so many good things…I reject the naysayers who tell me America is standing on the precipice of Hell…BS!!…America has a bright future — I can see it in the eyes of this class picture and I can see it in the heart and dedication of Mrs. Jenkins et al…God Bless America!  He already has!…the ducks on the pond teach their young like a dedicated 2nd grade teacher…and Mother Parker insists that one day they will appreciate her brew as much as you & I do!

The Kelster

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