Aungst Letter Bibically and Legally Illiterate

January 27, 2020

Dear Editor,
I have rarely read a published letter that was more biblically and legally illiterate.

Mr. Aungst asserts that gays are “destroying Christian Faith.” Impossible. Faith is one of the many gifts bestowed by God. There is no power on earth that can destroy God’s gifts. {1st Corinthians Chapter 12, Romans Chapter 8} Mr. Augnst must believe in a puny God, one whose power is impaired by the actions of a few people.

Mr. Augnst says that he knows Jesus thought that marriage was between one man and one woman. What presumption, to know what is in the mind of God! There certainly is no such scripture.

Key to understanding where Mr. Augnst derails is this proposition. In America, the government can make no law establishing on religion over another, or over those who have no religion. It requires some imagination to follow what the man is talking about on “Article 9”, since there is no Article 9 in the US Constitution. The 9th Amendment says nothing about adoption, gays, or any religious topic despite what he asserts, and there is no law that supports what he asserts. NONE.

Because he lives in America, Mr. Augnst is privileged to believe what he chooses, even when it has zero basis in law, in Christ’s words, or even common sense. Every other American enjoys that right as well, including those who are not heterosexual, cisgender individuals; and because they have the right not to be oppressed by Mr. Augnst enjoys.

Christians, even if they believe what he asserts (many certainly do not), gain nothing for their faith and their God by oppressing others. Christ’s words support only loving one another, caring for another, carrying the word of God to all nations. Christ ate with, and sought out sinners. Christ’s words do not command Christians to establish a theocracy, a “Christian nation.” The people that settled on this continent did so for many reasons, but the first among them came here to escape the oppression of theocracies in Europe. I am reminded that every ruler of ancient Mesopotamia from the advent of writing forward believed that he or she enforced the will of his god. Good Luck with that.

Jaynie Hoerauf
Jaynie Smith Hoerauf PC

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