Avoided a disaster

May 18, 2017

Letter to the Editor_Wide

Dear Editor:

Last week due to a gas leak my stove caught on fire and it was impossible to get too the shut off value being behind the the stove.  Out of a miracle DTE employee Rick Krell was right in the area. I shut the stove off and through cold water with towels on it and put out the flame.

Rick Krell immediately shut off the Main outside and I got the Lab out of the house.  Rick opened all the windows and due to Rick being right here he saved my home from turning into a mushroom cloud.  Suffered very little damage which has been repaired and took the stove and threw it like a Javlin across the yard.
Underneath the stove one of the gas lines had a small crack underneath the burners and when I went to turn it on the ignitor, the top off the stove was detached and flames underneath, which was Immediately was put out with wet towels as I turned the gas handles off, but I couldn’t get to the gas valve.

Yes that has been changed.  Just remember your every day appliances if operates off natural or regular gas o any appliances are not maintenance free.  From time to time check your dryer, and other items that trap lint and other flammable items and take a vacuum and gently clean underneath especially the dryer and make sure your vents are clean.  One last thing make sure the cooling fins are cleaned. All of this can be done with a vacuum with a small extension and you will feel a lot better.

Hats off to Rick Krell from DTE and his Supervisor Mr. Haag for having such a great crew.  Never take anything for granted, take a hour or so and check your equipment for potential problems and if your gas detectors go off call the DTE emergency gas leak line, call the fire Department and get your family and get out and when I mean get out, I mean don’t be near the house at all or you will think you live in Syria.

Hats off to Rick Kress, Supervisor Haag for saving my house.

Richard Miller
Farwell, Michigan

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