Back door politics at Wise Twp.

November 29, 2013

Dear Editor:

Wise township met tonight to award the bids for their winter snow removal.  I wonder if the voters know the back door politics that are going on in the township meetings.  The bid was NOT awarded to the lowest bidder. Instead it was awarded to to the owner of a well known lawn service whom is a good friend of a couple board member’s.  The board voted three to two in favor of the bid. The two who voted no voted for the lowest bid presented by a reputable company who had done the township’s lawn care for the summer with no complaints I might add. 

The board could not come up with a valid reason for their decision to not award the bid to the lowest bid.  I think it is important for the voters in Wise township to know just how they are being represented and how their tax dollars are being spent.  Obviously the board doesn’t have the township’s best interest in mind. Instead they are more interested in taking care of their friends who have had many complaints filed against them.
Personally I think the board members who voted for their friend to get the contract need to be recalled.  But that is something for the voters to decide.  The back door palm lining politicking has to end.

Dave Stevens

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